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26 Oct

50 Things You Would’ve Never Thought You’d Do With Your Drone

Every gear head has imagined all of the crazy stuff they would do if they have a drone. And while drones might seem like a novelty right now, they're only getting cheaper and easier to use - and easier to use in ways you would've never imagined. Soon, drones will be saving lives, acting as our own personal robots and stopping climate change. Don't believe me? Just check out this list of 50 ingenious uses for your drone. 1. Take a selfie. Let's start simple. Impress your friends and get a record breaking number of likes with a selfie shot from the air. That high point of view and key lighting might even make the selfie profile pic worthy. 2. Spy on your neighbors. Binoculars...
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27 Sep

The Photo Gear You Need for Your Tropical Vacation

When you're jet-setting to a warm island locale for some well-deserved vacay R&R, you definitely want to bring along a camera to document all the beautiful sites and landscapes you're bound to explore. However, it's also pretty important that you're not weighed down by cumbersome photo gear - who wants to lug a massive telephoto lens and tripod to the beach? Not to mention, there's also the chance of ruining your gear thanks to pesky sand and salt water. To get the best shots possible with the least amount of hassle, the next time you're headed to some gorgeous, balmy spot like Hawaii, The Bahamas or Cancun, try out this beach-ready gear from Lumoid. 1. The Weekender This camera kit is small in size,...
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6 Jun

The Perfect Camera and Lens for Every Summer Vacation

Summer is finally here, which, for many, means travel plans are right around the corner. Whether you plan on spending your summer road tripping across the United States or exploring a new country overseas, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture your experience on camera. Travel photography is not only a great way to document a trip and provide yourself with tangible memories, but it also offers an incredible opportunity to improve as a photographer. This summer, while you’re packing your bags full of bathing suits, hiking boots and sunscreen, don’t forget to pack the photo gear you’ll need as well. If you’re thinking about buying or renting a new camera body or lens for your summer vacation, look...
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15 Oct

7 Tips for Recording Your Next Cross Country Road Trip

In the summer of 2012, I decided that I would travel over 3,700 miles in my Rav4 from Washington, DC to my new job in San Francisco. I also decided that I would record the whole thing. After all, I'd be alone for over 2 weeks on my northern route that would take me up to Yellowstone before heading down through California. I'd need something to do. The video I recorded wasn't perfect. It didn't suck, but it also didn't blow me away like I wanted it to. If I was going to go on another road trip tomorrow, here's what I wish I would have known the first go-around. 1. Give yourself more time than you think you need. You don't want...
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25 Sep

Lounge Around in Your Own Compact, Electric-Powered Island

Can’t get enough of that easy-breezy beach life? Now you can bring the experience with you anywhere using Chilli Island. Reinventing Island Lounging Created by a Vienna-based firm, the electric lounge pod is a pedal boat-sized watercraft with modern features. The shell-shaped vessel, which measures 8.2 x 7.4 feet, fits two people with plenty of elbow room to stretch out like a beached whale. Weighing roughly 440 lbs, you can rest easy knowing that light waves won't topple the pod over. Aboard the craft, leaf-themed shade protection will prevent you from roasting under the intense midday heat, with an cover for sunbathers working on their tans. “Innovative, modern and unique design merged into one product to provide you with a luxurious and comfortable experience on...
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18 Aug

Exclusive MissTravel Dating App Is ‘Tinder for Travelers’

For some people, traveling solo is not an option. MissTravel, a premier dating service, hopes to address this issue by helping individuals find a travel buddy or partner with similar, open-minded views on exploring new destinations. To facilitate such arrangements, the company recently launched a convenient mobile app (available on iOS and Android devices). “When we travel, we leave nothing to chance, making sure our transportation and accommodations are planned to a tee,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of MissTravel. “So why leave your date up to serendipity? MissTravel is the travel agent of love, connecting people who believe travel is a richer experience when shared. With MissTravel you’ll never have to travel alone again.” How Does it Work? To get started, you’ll need...
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14 Aug

Manitoulin Island offers a soul-nurturing outdoor experience, sans cell and internet connection

Lake Huron island
At the northern tip of Lake Huron is a majestic camping destination called Manitoulin Island (translated to “God’s Island” in native Ojibwe language). The location is home to the largest freshwater island in the world, making it a luscious sanctuary for trails, festivals and wildlife. Locals who live on the island have made a lifetime commitment to preserve its history, natural sites and green forests. Amenities are basic, but once you arrive, the last thing you’ll be reaching for is a laptop or smartphone (unless you’re taking a photo). Just to give you an idea of how remote the region is- reliable cellular and broadband services that you’re used to having at home will be installed in the area by 2017, thanks...
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5 Jun

El Salvador Surf Trip: The Most Straightforward Step-by-Step Guide You’ll Ever Get

1. Surf shirts and trunks to local kids are just as powerful as cash, they will get off your ass about buying a necklace too. 2. You’re in the tropics, its really hot all year long, only can legitly survive off 2 pairs of board shorts (one dry, one wet) and two shirts, shoes not needed. 3. If you're bringing Camera equipment, pick up a bag that isn’t as suspicious, I got mine from and it fits more then I can carry. 4. Your boat captain is your survival guide, be friends with him, because he can take your stuff and leave you. 5. SUP is still looked down on in El Salvador too, maybe even more than at home. 6. Drink tons of water. Nothing...
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