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18 May

Top 10 US Destinations For Drone Photography

Aerial photography has always maintained a sense of majesty - achieving a bird's eye perspective that, no matter how many times you see it, never ceases to amaze. Drone photography has taken off for this reason. Capturing images from the skies is now completely accessible and photographers and videographers are venturing out to to find that one spot that will allow a truly beautiful photograph. We've scouted a few locations across the U.S. that will take your breath away! 10. The Horseshoe of the Colorado River, Arizona A truly eye grabbing location for an aerial image. The water naturally bends around the rock formation allowing an awesome landscape shot! 9. The Maroon Bells, Colorado This is an awesome location to start your drone off low and have...
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6 Jul

Amazon Expands Its Business Lending Program to Eight Countries Worldwide

Amazon Lending
Online products and fast delivery are phrases that are closely associated with Amazon. But now, individuals might soon start thinking about the e-commerce giant when applying for business loans. Amazon Lending, the company’s financing service, is expanding to the following countries this year: Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, China and the UK. Previously, the funding option was only available in the US and Japan. "We know a lot about our sellers' business and invite only those who we think are in the best position to take capital and grow,” highlighted Peter Faricy, head of Amazon Marketplace. Compared to other small business lending establishments, Amazon is fairly new to the space. It started the financing service in 2012 and has participated in numerous...
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