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16 Nov

Julie Nimoy, Husband David Knight and BioLucid Partner Together for COPD Tribute Film to Late ‘Star Trek’ Legend

With the 50th anniversary of the iconic sci-fi saga Star Trek steadily approaching in 2016, you can bet many Trekkie tributes will be held honoring the culturally influential show. Reportedly, a new Star Trek series will debut in 2017, just a few months shy of the anniversary of the original show that premiered in September 1966. Truly light years ahead of its time, the “OG” intergalactic series showcased epic battles, memorable special effects and skillfully tackled social issues of the era, such as racial intolerance and war. And who can forget the show’s utopian view of the future beautifully demonstrated through its unforgettable characters? Sadly, one of show’s most iconic half-human, half-Vulcan characters, Mr. Spock, portrayed by the legendary actor Leonard...
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2 Nov

Beam Me Up, Scotty! Star Trek Is (Yet Again) Returning to Television

Red alert! CBS is boldly preparing to go where quite a few men, women, androids and Klingons alike have gone before: space, the final frontier. Television super producer Alex Kurtzman will executive produce a brand new Star Trek series, the first since Star Trek: Enterprise left airwaves in 2005. Kurtzman, of course, is no veteran to the spacey franchise – he’s responsible for co-writing and producing the latest incarnation of Star Trek films starring Chris Pine as the iconic Captain James T. Kirk. Reportedly, this new Star Trek series will debut on CBS in January 2017, just a few months shy of the 50th anniversary of the original series, which debuted in September of 1966. This new chapter of the Star...
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