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27 Sep

The Photo Gear You Need for Your Tropical Vacation

When you're jet-setting to a warm island locale for some well-deserved vacay R&R, you definitely want to bring along a camera to document all the beautiful sites and landscapes you're bound to explore. However, it's also pretty important that you're not weighed down by cumbersome photo gear - who wants to lug a massive telephoto lens and tripod to the beach? Not to mention, there's also the chance of ruining your gear thanks to pesky sand and salt water. To get the best shots possible with the least amount of hassle, the next time you're headed to some gorgeous, balmy spot like Hawaii, The Bahamas or Cancun, try out this beach-ready gear from Lumoid. 1. The Weekender This camera kit is small in size,...
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8 Sep

National Geographic’s Picks For the Best Compact Cameras for Travel Photographers

travel photography
When it comes to both travel and photography, National Geographic certainly knows their stuff. The renowned publication boasts some of the most stunning travel imagery, and hugely famous and influential photographers have had their works showcased in Nat Geo’s glossy pages over the years. In fact, the publication has become so synonymous with breathtaking photography, it’s one of the holy grails most photographers aspire to. So, when you’ve got that much clout in the photography world, people certainly take notice when you release a “best of” camera list. Nat Geo recently published a list of their top 10 compact cameras for travelers, and it’s hard to argue with any of their choices because of their knowledge, expertise and standing in the...
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25 Jul

7 Travel Photographers Who Will Make You Want to See the World

Marco Fardin Marco Fardin is an Italian wedding, family and travel photographer who has captured beautiful images of cities all over Europe. His epic, wide angle shots feature a unique perspective on some of the world’s most famous monuments, as well as spotlighting sights that are lesser known. His photography explodes with bright, vibrant colors and strong contrast. Marco is skilled at including movement into his images - whether it be a bird flying over a cathedral, the silhouette of a person walking into a frame or a truck driving over a bridge. This added motion brings even more life to these historically rich locations. Check out his Instagram here. Beautelicieuse Johannah is a Germany-based visual storyteller whose work is inspired by tones. Her...
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29 Jun

How To Get Started With Travel Photography

PicsArt is a mobile photo editor that provides people with a canvas and tools for creating, collaborating, and exploring, so that anyone can be creative. Here, their resident photographer gives tips on how to start getting into travel photography. As a lifestyle photographer, I always found travel photography very daunting. From getting all the right gear (zoom lens, wide­ angle lens, tripod, etc.) to fiddling with filters to climbing steep mountains, travel photography seems to take a whole set of skills I wasn’t sure I had. However, I quickly realized something. Much like all other photography, travel photography is about telling a story. It’s about how different shots work together, and it doesn’t always mean that the most epic photo of a snow­capped peak is the best photo....
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