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3 Apr

Boost Colors In Lightroom Using This Simple Technique

Photographers must live with the unfortunate reality that nature will often outperform even the most expensive gear. The rich hues of a sunset or the deep blue of an ocean won't always come out on camera the way it looks in real life. Luckily we have post processing to fix that. With the help of Lightroom, you can boost the colors of any image without making it look fake or over edited. Start by opening your image in Lightroom. Click on the Develop tab at the top of the window or use the shortcut 'D.' We're going to start with basic exposure edits. The photo I'm working with is very dark, so I increased the overall exposure, then decreased Highlights and increased Shadows. Removing...
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23 May

Everything You Need to Know About Night Photography

Nighttime photography offers photographers the opportunity to capture a completely different world on camera, but the preparation and technical aspects of the long exposures can be daunting. In order to capture stunning star photos or other nighttime shots, you'll need more gear and pre-planning than you would when shooting during the day. But once you have the equipment and the settings down, you’ll be capturing beautiful star trails and midnight landscapes in no time.  Get your gear ready.  The Body - When considering what camera body to use, there are a few specific settings and features to keep in mind. First, you'll want a camera that can shoot on a high ISO. Although you’ll also be shooting with a shallow depth of field...
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