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27 Apr

Cool Tech You Didn’t Know Your Drone Has

Drones are ideal for photographers and videographers looking to capture stunning aerial shots like landscapes, time lapses, action shots and more. The key draw in using a drone is the accessibility. You're able to get footage that you wouldn't be able to, even with a helicopter. What many do not know is that beyond the obvious benefits, drones come equipped with a myriad of options and customizable buttons. Here are all the cool things drones can do: Autonomous Flight Modes What autonomous flight modes means is that the drone is capable of being "programmed" to take certain shots with you barely having to do any work. Certain modes on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro include ActiveTrack which follows a certain subject around and Gesture Mode...
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17 Jan

5 Research Findings That Will Change Your Workouts Forever

Maximize your workouts with these new findings Guess what? New studies show that there are a few minute changes that you can incorporate in your workout to make it more effective and efficient. We've done the research and compiled them all here: 1. Looking for intensity in your workouts? Blast your favorite playlist. If you've ever taken a class, you know just how much of an impact a killer playlist makes. This study had participants complete high-intensity interval workouts on spin bikes in sessions with and without music. Results show that people enjoy grueling workouts more and are more likely to continue with interval training in the future. Make the most of your workouts with these wearables that not only track your goals, but also let you...
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28 Dec

Foolproof Ways To Slay Your Health Resolutions

It's that time! We've all got our 2017 resolutions on the mind. Whether it's shedding some pounds or better health overall, here are some foolproof strategies to help you stick to your goals. 1. Resolutions should be both specific and measurable. A recent study showed that vague, broad goals can make people depressed. Break down goal components with numeric benchmarks and keep a checklist to solidify the task and keep you on track. Make sure your goals are measurable, results-focused and time-bound with our Fitness Resolutions Kit and Atlas Wristband.         2. Resolutions should be manageable rather than a fantasy. Creating a new habit doesn't happen overnight and you don't want to burn yourself out. Your brain likes comfortable old habits over new, different ones so...
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5 Dec

Lumoid Holiday Gift Guide

There's nothing worse than spending a ton on that "perfect" gift only to find out that you purchased the almost correct version. This is especially true with all things tech. Unless you're reading blogs (like ours) every day, you may be entering the holidays a little cold-footed.  You've only got a few weeks left to wrap up your presents, but don't worry! Renting gear with Lumoid for the holidays lets your loved ones test the gear themselves before anyone makes hasty, costly decisions. The editors at Lumoid have tried nearly every piece of gear under the sun and we know what's best and what's worth skipping. With so many pieces of technology out there, we're here to help you find the...
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17 Nov

Traveling For Thanksgiving? Here Are the Best Headphones To Take With You On the Road

Jam out to your favorite tunes on the way home for Thanksgiving. Here are our top picks broken down by category: Wireless Who wants to deal with a bunch of cords, especially while you're traveling. Harman Kardon Soho Wireless and Jabra REVO are a couple of super sleek, ultra crisp headphones that are easy to slip on and off fuss-free, and they look great. Super Comfortable A pair of headphones can have the greatest sound quality in the world, but if they're not comfortable, you're not going to use them. Audio Technica ATH-M50x and Sennheiser Momentum M2 are some of the cushiest headsets around! Noise-Canceling Sometimes you just want to drown out the rest of the world. Guy who keeps clearing his throat next to you? Crying...
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3 Nov

The Most Comfortable Headphones Ever

As important as sound quality and aesthetic is comfort. If your headphones are too heavy or push against your ears, there's no way you'll wear them all day. Here are our most comfortable headphones, tried and true, by our team. We have worn these on our morning commutes, all day at work, and then back home. Sennheiser’s fascination with detailed and precise sound is manifested in their Momentum headphones. Brushed stainless steel and fine leather round these out and add a perfect finish to their premium sound. Sony’s unique DNC software engine and Dual Noise Sensor technology reduces everyday sounds by up to 99.4% so it's just you and your music. Balanced and accurate sound reproduction allow for pure listening. Audio Technica ATH-M50X Contoured ear...
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26 Oct

50 Things You Would’ve Never Thought You’d Do With Your Drone

Every gear head has imagined all of the crazy stuff they would do if they have a drone. And while drones might seem like a novelty right now, they're only getting cheaper and easier to use - and easier to use in ways you would've never imagined. Soon, drones will be saving lives, acting as our own personal robots and stopping climate change. Don't believe me? Just check out this list of 50 ingenious uses for your drone. 1. Take a selfie. Let's start simple. Impress your friends and get a record breaking number of likes with a selfie shot from the air. That high point of view and key lighting might even make the selfie profile pic worthy. 2. Spy on your neighbors. Binoculars...
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3 Aug

Must-Have Gadgets For Your Summer Beach Vacation

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise higher, many of us will be taking some time to bask in summer’s glory by heading to its defining environment: the beach. With every excursion, the proper gear is necessary to complete and enhance the experience. While bathing suits, sunscreen and beach towels are the obvious culprits, this list is to broaden your mind and introduce you to some tech gear that will complement your beach vacay perfectly and make you cool for the summer. Whether you’re pulling a day trip or a week-long adventure, the gear below will take your beach experience to new heights. Best of all, all of these gadgets are available to rent for a trial period...
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21 Jun

The Bellabeat LEAF Wearable Is A Woman’s New Best Friend

Key Features: Sleep and activity tracking, breathing exercises, and monthly cycle tracking, comes with necklace and wrist strap for customizable wear Pros: Beautiful design, guided meditation is an added bonus, variety of ways to wear device, lots of customizable goals Cons: Syncing is sometimes unresponsive, sleep tracking is usually about an hour off   Bellabeat LEAF helps you meet your goals when it comes to both mind and body. It seamlessly transitions from every part of your life to the next- from sleeping to stressful moments to your workouts; even beautifully tracking your monthly cycle. In this way, it becomes part of your life without you even realizing it. The only time I noticed that I was wearing it was when I got...
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17 May

Wearables to Take You From the Board Room to the Gym to a Night Out

You have a never ending to-do list, you're constantly on the go from meetings to evening mixers, and you still find time to get your fitness on. You dominate life, and are ready for anything. These wearables keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle and are just as, if not even more, dare I say, organized than you are. 1. Pebble Time Round Smartwatch Check notifications, incoming calls, texts, and your calendar, all at a glance on the Pebble Time Round. Includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights. And behind all those smarts, it’s a great watch. Try it now > 2. Misfit Ray Ray is Misfit’s most minimal and versatile tracker. It delivers the fitness and sleep tracking...
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