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27 Feb

Time-Lapse Photography…But With a Drone

As we advance through photography techniques like tilt-shift and motion blur, new and novel techniques have been developed. Now there is the option to capture time lapses, but with a drone! Time lapse is a photo technique where the frames are captured are much lower than that used to view the sequence. For instance, when the film roll is played at normal speed, time is appeared to be moving faster and therefore, time lapsing. Check out this dreamy time lapse captured with a DJI Phantom 4 and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. The bulk of time lapse photography is captured via cameras mounted on tripods to ensure stable images. So, the next logical question is, how can we capture time lapse videos...
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23 Aug

How to Get Started With Travel Photography

PicsArt is a mobile photo editor that provides people with a canvas and tools for creating, collaborating, and exploring, so that anyone can be creative. Here, their resident photographer gives tips on how to start getting into travel photography. As a lifestyle photographer, I always found travel photography very daunting. From getting all the right gear (zoom lens, wide-angle lens, tripod, etc.) to fiddling with filters to climbing steep mountains, travel photography seems to take a whole set of skills I wasn’t sure I had. However, I quickly realized something. Much like all other photography, travel photography is about telling a story. It’s about how different shots work together, and it doesn’t always mean that the most epic photo of...
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13 Jun

Schedule Meetings from Your Keyboard with the Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise calendar Meet keyboard
Mobile calendars are essential for life on the fast lane. Unfortunately, such apps are far from perfect. Endless switching between messages and a digital calendar often results in lost, garbled information. The latest Sunrise app update offers a simple solution to this issue. A third-party keyboard feature called Meet now lets you open your virtual schedule board without changing screens. Below covers how the app works and why it deserves to be in your arsenal of daily productivity tools. Scheduling at Your Fingertips Sunrise’s Meet is refreshing because it works. Through an accessible tab on the keyboard, users can plot new entries and view their commitments within the same window. When activated, the interface morphs into a calendar. From the new screen, individuals have...
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