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13 Mar

Reflectors: Every Portrait Photographer’s Best Friend

In photography, lighting is everything - especially when it comes to portraiture. For portrait photographers, there's nothing better than that early morning or late afternoon natural light, but the sun isn't always gracious enough to behave how we want it to. That's when we have to call in help from external lighting equipment, which can come in many different forms.  While handheld flashes and studio lights are great for illuminating a subject, they can also be bulky and inconvenient to use. Large flashy lighting equipment can also be intimidating for a new or shy model. Reflectors, on the other hand, are easy to transport, require no batteries or electricity and can have a dramatic effect on a photo’s quality of light. Plus, they're...
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21 Sep

SOL Solar Bag Disinfects Water Without Chemicals or Batteries

Need a portable water solution for your camping trips? The SOL Water bag is the latest survival tool that facilitates SODIS in outdoor environments. Previously, solar water disinfection was limited to large processing plants. The company took the basic steps of the highly complex process and consolidated it into a small, practical bag. Microscopic bacteria and viruses found in contaminated water are killed off when exposed to UV rays. Under optimal conditions, the entire process takes roughly three hours. In addition to camping, the unit could provide a consistent supply of drinkable water during disasters, such as floods, fires and earthquakes. The pack is also foldable and flat (when it’s not being used), making storage a breeze. Things to Consider There’s no doubt that the pouch...
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18 Sep

Beam Sunlight Into Your Home With This Powerful, Adaptive Solar Mirror

Nothing can replace the power of the sun. If you live in a region that receives plenty of natural UV rays and want to use that light creatively, check out the Lucy solar mirror. Unique Lighting Solution “Lucy was created to bring natural light into your home. She’s the ultimate stylish green tech robot powered by photovoltaic (solar) cells built into her metal frame. Looking more like a modern Danish table lamp, Lucy is a robotic mirror that follows the sun and reflects that light throughout your home,” mentioned Jennifer Hicks from Forbes. “Solenica didn’t complicate Lucy with manuals and a multitude of options, just point the robot at the sun and she does the rest.” Under optimal conditions, the device distributes a maximum...
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