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8 Mar

Michelle Terris Brings Body Positivity To The LA Fashion Scene

Michelle Terris always felt self conscious as a child. Growing up in Southern California, Michelle was fed images from the media that convinced her that her loose arms and extra body fat were something to be ashamed of. Then in 2008, Michelle’s father was diagnosed with ALS - a neurodegenerative disease that causes you to lose control of basic bodily functions. The disease completely changed Michelle’s view of her own body. “After watching my father lose his ability to do everyday things, and then all things, I gained a new perspective on my body image,” Michelle said. “Instead of seeing rolls of fat that needed to be diminished or jiggly arms, I started thinking about all the amazing things my body...
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2 Nov

Create a Faded 60s Effect in Photoshop

From high waist lines to platform shoes, the 60s are back in style, but those dreamy, pastel tones aren't just limited to your outfits. Now you can also bring that vintage, faded look to your photographs with just a few simple steps in Photoshop. Start by opening the photo you want to work with in Photoshop. This effect works especially well with portraits, and can be the inspiration for a 60s style photoshoot. Click on the half white, half black circle in the bottom right corner to create a new adjustment layer. Click on Solid Color and select a deep blue or purple shade from the Color Picker. Experiment with different colors to achieve different tones, and find one that works best for your image. Once you've found...
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23 Aug

Fujifilm’s New Cameras Are Retro-Chic Outside, Premium Inside

On my desk at work are three cameras. One is a Canon 6D that I use all the time. One is a Nikon N50 film camera which I never use and hate the way it looks. And, most beloved, a Pentax K 1000. It's a camera I wish I used more before because it exudes a classic coolness that's missing in my main camera. Never heard of a Pentax K1000? Here's what my baby looks like: Image: Ken Rockwell It's simultaneously sleek and industrial, reminiscent of a bygone era in photography. It's quintessentially a camera: classic and utilitarian. Frankly, it's a look that I wish newer DSLRs would embrace. I'd love to see more camera makers break out of...
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11 Aug

7 International Fashion Photographers to Inspire Your Next Portrait Shoot

fashion photography
Janina Fleckhaus Janina Fleckhaus is a German photographer based out of Hamburg and London. Her fashion photography has a dreamy, girl next door look that makes her work both unique and relatable. Her work is more street art than high fashion, which gives the impression that her models could be your sister, brother or best friend. A lot of her images have an antique, film-like quality to them with some experimental post-processing effects thrown in, which adds an even more distinct look to her style. Her models rock a style that’s simple and comfortable - long skirts paired with high top sneakers and loose dresses worn over fitted tees. Her photos will make you want to grab your friends, go to the...
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23 May

Everything You Need to Know About Night Photography

Nighttime photography offers photographers the opportunity to capture a completely different world on camera, but the preparation and technical aspects of the long exposures can be daunting. In order to capture stunning star photos or other nighttime shots, you'll need more gear and pre-planning than you would when shooting during the day. But once you have the equipment and the settings down, you’ll be capturing beautiful star trails and midnight landscapes in no time.  Get your gear ready.  The Body - When considering what camera body to use, there are a few specific settings and features to keep in mind. First, you'll want a camera that can shoot on a high ISO. Although you’ll also be shooting with a shallow depth of field...
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30 May

8 Stylish Fitness Trackers You Can Rock From the Gym to a Cocktail Party

What's that straddling her wrist along with the Hermès bracelet? What is he wearing on his wrist above his Cartier watch? She's wearing her FitBit, and it complements her elegant gown perfectly. He's wearing his Vivofit, and it is not looking out of place in the boardroom. Surprised? Not all fitness trackers are burly, clunky pieces. Some are sleek, come embellished with precious stones, and double up as a piece of jewelry to go with a cocktail dress or tuxedo. And no, beauty is not skin-deep; the following 8 stylish fitness trackers pack in an enviable range of features as well: 1. Tory Burch X FitBit Flex Fashion designer Tory Burch has collaborated with FitBit to launch a collection of uber-stylish accessories to dress...
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