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7 Aug

How to Shoot Cityscapes

While many landscape photographers will take the free weekend to run over to the countryside and capture a blissful landscape where the mountains touch the sea, others choose to work with what they’ve got at home, in the city. That is, of course, urban landscape photography. Today we’ll talk about shooting Cityscapes. Even if you haven’t done this type of photography before, surely, you’ve seen photos of cities shot during dusk, showing the sky glow after sunset, city lights and car trails. Such a photograph can have a powerful effect due to the mixture of different light sources, capturing at the same time what is a chaotic urban world, and a peaceful calm that is the natural sky. For the same...
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11 Aug

7 International Fashion Photographers to Inspire Your Next Portrait Shoot

fashion photography
Janina Fleckhaus Janina Fleckhaus is a German photographer based out of Hamburg and London. Her fashion photography has a dreamy, girl next door look that makes her work both unique and relatable. Her work is more street art than high fashion, which gives the impression that her models could be your sister, brother or best friend. A lot of her images have an antique, film-like quality to them with some experimental post-processing effects thrown in, which adds an even more distinct look to her style. Her models rock a style that’s simple and comfortable - long skirts paired with high top sneakers and loose dresses worn over fitted tees. Her photos will make you want to grab your friends, go to the...
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25 Jan

The Beautiful Trial and Error of Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography requires equal parts planning, patience and luck. It can be frustrating, what with waiting to see how photos turn out, fumbling with unwieldy tripods and trying to make blurred images look intentional rather than accidental. But it can also be extremely rewarding. The waiting usually pays off; the tripods end up being extremely useful; even the accidentally blurred images can end up looking artistic. Long exposure photography comes in many forms, from shorter exposures of 1/30 or 1/60 of a second to exposures as long as 30 minutes to an hour. It all depends on what you’re shooting, the action being captured and how much of a blur you want to create. A great way to ease into...
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13 Jul

Street Photography: How to Capture Candid Moments Like a Pro

For many photographers – even the masters – street photography is the most intimidating test of their skills. However, it’s also one of the most rewarding. It fuses a multitude of photographic genres, from architecture, to portraiture, to photojournalism – perhaps even abstract – into one, definitive creative pursuit. Street photography gives us the unique opportunity to capture extraordinary, ‘decisive moments’ as our fellow humans go about their ordinary lives. By the end of this article, hopefully you’ll be armed with the knowledge that will allow you to capture candid street moments like the pros do. The Right Gear Photography is inherently a technical pursuit. Naturally, a solid understanding of your ‘work tools’ is essential. However, be careful of becoming too focused on...
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