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6 Nov

Scientists Create a Tractor Beam Utilizing Powerful Sound Waves

A concept that admittedly conjures up notions of science fiction, the tractor beam has been used in countless stories as a beam of light that can pull objects into its clutches. Thanks to a group of scientists and researchers at the University of Bristol, a tractor beam is no longer just sci-fi lore – a team led by Bruce Drinkwater, Professor of Ultrasonics, has developed a functional tractor beam that uses powerful sound waves to levitate, rotate and move millimeter-sized objects. Light has always been the go-to method for creating a tractor beam, and numerous other scientists have managed to harness light in the form of strong laser beams due to its ability to create momentum and transfer that force to...
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3 Nov

A Complete Transaction with Nothing But Sound Waves? Welcome to the Future of Shopping

Apple Pay now allows you to make payments wirelessly just by tapping your smartphone on a POS terminal. MasterCard is developing a system that verifies transactions using selfies. And of course there’s the blockchain, a new way of clearing money transfers that banks are racing to capitalize on. All of these initiatives push the boundaries of the industry, but they aren’t revolutionary. Sure, the technologies enhance the way we transact with our favorite brands and bring a new level of convenience to the cashless movement. But at the end of the day, that’s all they are: enhancements. For a complete disruptive experience, businesses are turning to Soundpays. The Toronto-based startup has created a new way to authenticate and initiate payments using sound waves. Its...
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