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7 Aug

How to Shoot Cityscapes

While many landscape photographers will take the free weekend to run over to the countryside and capture a blissful landscape where the mountains touch the sea, others choose to work with what they’ve got at home, in the city. That is, of course, urban landscape photography. Today we’ll talk about shooting Cityscapes. Even if you haven’t done this type of photography before, surely, you’ve seen photos of cities shot during dusk, showing the sky glow after sunset, city lights and car trails. Such a photograph can have a powerful effect due to the mixture of different light sources, capturing at the same time what is a chaotic urban world, and a peaceful calm that is the natural sky. For the same...
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13 Feb

Why Ultra High ISO Makes All The Difference

Dropping thousands of dollars on a camera with ultra high ISO capabilities (we’re talking ISO 100,000 or above) is frankly overkill for many types of photography -- portraits are best captured with natural light, wildlife photography is really only possible during the day and fashion photography happens mainly in the studio. But there is one scenario in which an ultra high ISO can make the difference between a decent image and an outstanding one - and that’s when it comes to long exposure nighttime photography. Shooting at night introduces a world of difficulties that photographers don’t face during the day. Not only does nighttime shooting require an entire set of equipment not necessary in the sun - from tripods to cable releases to...
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16 Jan

Camera Sensors: When Bigger Really Is Better

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to camera sensors, the stereotype holds true. If you’re in the market for a new camera, or are comparing the quality of two cameras, the first place to look is inside, at the sensor. Image quality is largely dependent on sensor size, meaning cameras with larger sensors will produce higher quality images than cameras with smaller sensors. This is due to the fact that larger sensors have larger pixels, which means they’re better at reducing noise, can record more information, have a larger dynamic range and perform better in low light. There are a few major camera categories, each of which has a corresponding sensor size. Medium Format Medium Format cameras have the...
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11 Jan

Lumoid’s Favorite Cameras of 2016

If you didn’t get the new gear you were hoping for during the holidays, it’s not too late for a little from-me-to-me present. And with some seriously powerful cameras released in 2016, why not start the new year off right and go for something that will completely change the way you shoot. So if you’re in the market for a new camera, or just want to drool over the new gear that’s out there, this list is here for you. 1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: Fans of Canon’s 5D series rejoice! The new Mark IV is even more powerful than the previous cameras in the series, with an upgraded 30.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor paired with an advanced DIGIC 6+ Image...
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8 Sep

National Geographic’s Picks For the Best Compact Cameras for Travel Photographers

travel photography
When it comes to both travel and photography, National Geographic certainly knows their stuff. The renowned publication boasts some of the most stunning travel imagery, and hugely famous and influential photographers have had their works showcased in Nat Geo’s glossy pages over the years. In fact, the publication has become so synonymous with breathtaking photography, it’s one of the holy grails most photographers aspire to. So, when you’ve got that much clout in the photography world, people certainly take notice when you release a “best of” camera list. Nat Geo recently published a list of their top 10 compact cameras for travelers, and it’s hard to argue with any of their choices because of their knowledge, expertise and standing in the...
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5 Sep

4 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss the 2016 PhotoPlus Expo

Whether you're a photographer, photojournalist, videographer, photo educator or student, you've probably heard of the PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo. The largest photography and imaging conference in all of North America, the PhotoPlus Expo boasts an attendance of more than 21,000 photo enthusiasts from all over the globe, upwards of 250 big name exhibitors with their latest products and even 100+ educational seminars for attendees. Expos on such massive scales like this can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but they're great opportunities to check out what's up-and-coming in the industry. Here are the four reasons you'll want to be present at the 2016 conference in New York City this October 20-22! 1. Fantastic keynote speakers On Friday, October 21st, Senior Photography Editor as UNICEF, Christine Nesbitt Hills, will...
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29 Jun

How To Get Started With Travel Photography

PicsArt is a mobile photo editor that provides people with a canvas and tools for creating, collaborating, and exploring, so that anyone can be creative. Here, their resident photographer gives tips on how to start getting into travel photography. As a lifestyle photographer, I always found travel photography very daunting. From getting all the right gear (zoom lens, wide­ angle lens, tripod, etc.) to fiddling with filters to climbing steep mountains, travel photography seems to take a whole set of skills I wasn’t sure I had. However, I quickly realized something. Much like all other photography, travel photography is about telling a story. It’s about how different shots work together, and it doesn’t always mean that the most epic photo of a snow­capped peak is the best photo....
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2 Jun

Great Home Audio Speakers That Will Bring Any Small Space to Life

Having a modestly-sized home or apartment can start to feel a little suffocating at times, but these spaces tend to be the price most pay to live in a big city. Just because your abode isn’t sprawling doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make it more vibrant and lively. One of the best ways to do that is with audio. In order to set the mood and distract you from the fact that your kitchen might be the size of a shoebox, you’ll want a quality home audio speaker and device to transport you to another world. Below are some of the best home audio speakers that will liven up your small space, all of which are available to rent for...
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31 Jan

Apple Dominated Global Smartwatch Sales and Shipments by 50 Percent in 2015

The Apple Watch was an instant hit from the moment it came out, but how much did it affect the smartwatch industry in 2015? According to a study by Juniper Research, a marketing and technology research firm, the tech giant’s first wearable smartwatch accounted for over half (51.1 percent or 8.8 million devices sold) of global smartwatch shipments last year. Impressively, the Apple Watch was released in April of 2015, and only had a little over the second half of the year to gain a foothold in the nascent sector. During that period, the smartwatch space was extremely active with new product launches almost every two months, which makes the accomplishment exceptionally worthy of praise. The company’s competition, Android Wear, was only...
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21 Jan

Everything You Need to Know About Video Resolutions

Not sure about the difference between HD and 4K? Video resolutions used to be a transparent setting that filmmakers understood clearly. With cameras pushing the threshold of picture quality, it’s important to know how such developments are affecting your shooting experience. Here’s a closer look at one of the most controversial topics floating around the film industry today. Aspect Ratio and Dimensions The best way to understand what you’re looking at is by tackling the basics of aspect ratio and screen resolution. Firstly, video files are commonly measured by pixels. For example, if you have a clip that is 640 x 480, it means that the dimensions of the file are 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high. Aspect ratio refers to...
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