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18 Sep

How to Stand out on Social Media

There is an overwhelming amount of artists in the world of social media. It might seem absurd to believe that you have a chance to stand out in such an impossibly large crowd. Yet time and time again, new artists emerge out of the endless online cacophony and stun thousands of people. These individuals use neither magical powers nor inaccessible tricks; many of them simply apply their knowledge of social media to their virtual lives, creating irresistible and successful online worlds. Standing out on social media is a skill anyone can learn. All you need is patience, persistence, and a desire to absorb valuable information. Since most of us want to be heard and understood in a way that will influence...
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15 Sep

Take Your Snapchat Game to the Next Level with These 9 Hacks

snapchat hacks
Snapchat is no joke. As a matter of fact, it’s a tricky world to navigate. Even for those adept at the platform, Snapchat doesn’t wear its secrets on its sleeves. There are a wealth of hidden tricks and features within Snapchat that only Ghostface Chillah himself knows about…until now, that is! That’s right, prepare to be schooled on all the devilish little secrets Snapchat has been hiding from us. Whether you’re a newbie to the social platform or an aficionado, there’s bound to be at least one amazing hack that will leave you looking like the dropped jaw emoji. With these nine hacks, you’ll be leagues ahead of your friends when it comes to your Snapchat prowess. Apply 3 Filters: Swipe...
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2 Aug

Instagram Introduces Snapchat-Inspired Stories Feature

In the increasingly competitive social media market, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook reign as the top three networks used by young people. With Snapchat rolling out new features on a pretty regular basis, Facebook-owned Instagram has been struggling to keep up on quite the same level. Cue the announcement of Instagram Stories. With fewer features than Snapchat Stories, but essentially a clone-copy, Instagram Stories allows users to post photo and video stories that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram co-founder and chief executive Kevin Systrom expressed interest in creating Instagram Stories to act as a place where users can post and share all their daily life moments that they might not deem "special" enough for their more curated Instagram feed and as something to...
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18 Jul

Does Snapchat’s New Memories Feature Defeat the Purpose of Snapchat?

The big, fresh and shiny update for Snapchat hit mobile users recently, and the talk of the town is the new Memories feature. Memories allows you to save photos and videos you take within Snapchat into a photo album within the app, edit and send them solo or grouped together at a later time and even upload photos and videos from your phone’s camera roll into the Snapchat Memories bank so you can Snapchat-ify them and publish them to your Story. Reaction to this new update has been mixed and lukewarm – I fall firmly on the opposed side, as I think Memories blows up the premise of what makes Snapchat so unique in the social media image sharing landscape....
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13 Jul

Snapchat Introduces Huge Change to App with ‘Memories’

If you’ve ever wished you could hang on to your favorite Snaps for just a little bit longer, Snapchat Memories is here to make that dream come true. Now, in addition to being able to save Snaps to your Story and your phone's camera roll, Snapchat enables users to save some of their favorite Snaps to the servers of Snapchat. Swiping up from the main Snapchat camera screen, the Memories gallery allows users to view or share their most memorable Snaps and includes a feature to privatize anything they don't want friends and family to see using the My Eyes Only function. Photos from your camera roll as well as old Stories you've posted in the past can be added to Memories and shared on your...
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13 Jul

Facebook Introduces Nifty New Slideshow Feature

Visual archiving, displaying and storytelling is pretty much the name of the game for all things under the Facebook umbrella, so it should come as no surprise that the social media titan is once again introducing a bold, new feature designed to bolster the social sharing of visual content. Meant to address the sluggishness and user-unfriendly method of scrolling through images on the platform, Facebook has unveiled a new feature meant to rectify this issue: Slideshow. Debuting in the Facebook app, Slideshow will allow Facebook users to combine and archive photos and videos into themed mini-movies as a way of grouping visuals that belong together into a complete package. No one’s going to scroll through 100 photos of your recent Fourth...
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29 Jun

Will the Future of Social Media Be In VR?

VR gaming
The Entertainment Electronic Expo, more colloquially known as E3, recently wrapped up their big bonanza, and arguably the biggest talking point coming out of the annual event was virtual reality and where VR fits in when it comes to the evolution of video games. Most agree – virtual reality is assuredly the future of gaming. One company, Minkonet, is so behind the VR phenomenon that they are prepping to introduce the first ever technology that will enable the live streaming of virtual reality versions of hit video games over social media. “360° virtual reality is the next video gaming platform,” said Peter Kim, founder of the Seoul-based company. Minkonet has developed a software program called Swing that will be released in...
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27 Jun

Twitter Purchases AI Firm Magic Pony to Bolster Its Visual Content

Twitter buys Magic Pony
Twitter is really trying, you guys. It has simplified its approach and functionality in recent months, changing the favorite symbol from a star to a more uniform and social media pervasive heart (because apparently awarding a tweet a star because you liked it was too complex from some). It’s incorporated a new, handy built-in GIF feature that lets you plug them into your tweets directly through the platform. And coming soon, Twitter will no longer count photos and links in the overall 140-character count of a tweet. Bottom line: Twitter is definitely earning an A for effort. Now, it looks like Twitter is turning its attention to artificial intelligence in order to boost is credo. The social media giant recently acquired...
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17 May

Rejoice Twitter Users! Photos and Links Will No Longer Count Towards the Character Limit

Twitter character limit
23 characters. 23 characters may not seem like that much, but I pity the fool who underestimates what can be done with just 23 characters. Certainly, any Twitter user who has run into the doom and gloom that is a red, negative character count and scrambled madly to search for the appropriate word to omit or abbreviate in order to get their tweet down to 140 characters, without having to completely scrap or rewrite it, can absolutely attest to the power and might of 23 characters. To you all, I say, rejoice! Twitter is liberating those 23 characters! What’s the significance of 23 characters, you ask? Well, 23 characters are the exact amount of space that links and photos currently consume...
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5 May

Facebook Developing Its Very Own Camera App

The rumor mill has been spinning like mad lately, with the 411 being that Facebook is reportedly developing its very own camera app. Yes, it seems that Facebook is tired of playing second fiddle to your phone’s built-in camera app, and other popular social media image takers like Snapchat, which continues to skyrocket popularity wise thanks to those crazy filters and ever-expanding snap story model. Also a concern for Facebook: declining engagement numbers. One can almost hear Zuckerberg grumbling under his breath, “thanks a lot, Snapchat.” A report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that the social media titan will attempt to reverse this engagement trend, get more people sharing images and win back users with a stand-alone camera app all...
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