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16 Nov

Julie Nimoy, Husband David Knight and BioLucid Partner Together for COPD Tribute Film to Late ‘Star Trek’ Legend

With the 50th anniversary of the iconic sci-fi saga Star Trek steadily approaching in 2016, you can bet many Trekkie tributes will be held honoring the culturally influential show. Reportedly, a new Star Trek series will debut in 2017, just a few months shy of the anniversary of the original show that premiered in September 1966. Truly light years ahead of its time, the “OG” intergalactic series showcased epic battles, memorable special effects and skillfully tackled social issues of the era, such as racial intolerance and war. And who can forget the show’s utopian view of the future beautifully demonstrated through its unforgettable characters? Sadly, one of show’s most iconic half-human, half-Vulcan characters, Mr. Spock, portrayed by the legendary actor Leonard...
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6 Sep

Meme Tactics: The Latest Campaign to Curb Youth Smoking

Those fear-mongering advertisements featuring the woman with a giant cork stuck in her throat and a robot voice to scare youths away from tobacco consumption lest they develop crippling emphysema like the subject at hand are so yesterday. Today, anti-tobacco campaigns and commercials are focusing on a more light-hearted, trendy approach to persuade kids not to light up: memes, Internet celebrities and unicorns, duh. The Truth Campaign, which has been doling out these ads for years and has made a decided effort to bring a cooler, more hip approach to the anti-smoking crusade, is responsible for this latest commercial spot, which made its big debut during this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. That fact is ironic in of itself, as both...
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20 Apr

10 Innovative Gadgets for Stoners

In lieu of 420, we have compiled a list of the most coveted, most useful, and most innovative gadgets to blaze it up. Read on, and remember, puff, puff, pass. 1. Eaze Get your pizza and your pot all at once with Eaze’s delivery smartphone app. Users can browse the medical marijuana menu and have whatever they please brought straight to their home (currently only in San Francisco). 2. Royght! Stealth Bong After getting your caffeine fix, turn your Starbucks venti cup into a water pipe. Royght!’s accessory fits snugly on top of standard-issue waxpaper cups, so Mary Jane can accompany you on all of your meals. 3. Turbo Trimmerz Manicure your trees cramp free with Turbo Trimmerz automatic blades. These are still in the development...
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