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17 Aug

How To Find A Prime Spot to Shoot With Your Drone

To capture that dream shot with your drone, there are numerous of aspects you need to take into consideration. Weather, laws, places to operate from and positioning are all crucial to the quality of your photography. You'll find that by using some common sense and some tools, finding that perfect spot really isn't that hard. Be Familiar With Local Laws The first thing when it comes to finding a good spot to shoot from is to be familiar with the laws in the area you plan to photograph. A good general rule to start out with is that drones will be outlawed in air spaces near airports, military bases, and National Parks. Be conscious of any of those around you. The next big step...
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19 Jul

Everything You Need To Know About Shooting Music Videos

Music videos are not only one of the most fun forms of videography, but they’re also a great way to hone your technical and editing skills. Although they require a bit more setup, planning and equipment than other types of videography, the final product is well worth it. Even if you’re new to videography or have never shot a music video before, with the help of this how to guide, you’ll be ready to shoot music videos like a pro. The Equipment Music videos require more equipment than most other types of videography, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Shooting music videos with only one camera body is extremely difficult, so this project is best done with a couple of friends....
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28 Jun

Shooting The Perfect Video Interview

Shooting a video interview is one of the very first skills every budding videographer should learn. Video interviews are a great way to get started with videography and they're a staple in most video pieces. Plus they’re easy to practice - all you need is some basic equipment and a willing interviewee. The Setup The first thing to think about when shooting a video interview is how to set up the shot, which requires some basic equipment most photographers already have - a DSLR camera, a tripod, a mic, two chairs and a light source. You’ll want to place the person you’re interviewing on a chair, where they can sit comfortably for the duration of the interview - there’s nothing worse than...
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