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21 Aug

How to Take Breathtaking Self-Portraits Outdoors

You might be someone who avoids self-portraiture for fear of seeming arrogant, pretentious, or vain. While there are many understandable arguments against it, there are just as many valid reasons that self-portraiture is a cathartic, motivating, and mind-opening genre of photography. Taking photos of yourself is an effective way to organically release emotions, to learn more about yourself as an artist, and to challenge your ability to work independently. In short, it's more than just a photo of the artist behind the camera. Photo by William Randles Many artists, when taking photos of themselves, tend to experiment in the safety of their homes. Indoor shoots are ideal for strengthening your ability to work with minimal resources. If you're...
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27 Apr

Cool Tech You Didn’t Know Your Drone Has

Drones are ideal for photographers and videographers looking to capture stunning aerial shots like landscapes, time lapses, action shots and more. The key draw in using a drone is the accessibility. You're able to get footage that you wouldn't be able to, even with a helicopter. What many do not know is that beyond the obvious benefits, drones come equipped with a myriad of options and customizable buttons. Here are all the cool things drones can do: Autonomous Flight Modes What autonomous flight modes means is that the drone is capable of being "programmed" to take certain shots with you barely having to do any work. Certain modes on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro include ActiveTrack which follows a certain subject around and Gesture Mode...
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9 Mar

Lumoid Gear Feature: Yuneec Breeze

DJI, the Chinese drone manufacturing company is reigning king in the UAV market; with close to 50% of drone market share. There are however, less known names that are offering quality drones at a fraction of the price of say a DJI Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro. Meet Yuneec, another Chinese manufacturer that specializes in building advanced technology drones, that are, dare we say, affordable? The Yuneec Breeze is an ultra lightweight and compact drone that makes taking selfies and capturing adventures effortless. Autonomy Made Easy Photo via That Drone Show The Breeze has five built-in autonomous shots to take your aerial imaging to brand new heights. The Selfie and Orbit modes offer the ability to take awesome group photos whereas...
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26 Oct

50 Things You Would’ve Never Thought You’d Do With Your Drone

Every gear head has imagined all of the crazy stuff they would do if they have a drone. And while drones might seem like a novelty right now, they're only getting cheaper and easier to use - and easier to use in ways you would've never imagined. Soon, drones will be saving lives, acting as our own personal robots and stopping climate change. Don't believe me? Just check out this list of 50 ingenious uses for your drone. 1. Take a selfie. Let's start simple. Impress your friends and get a record breaking number of likes with a selfie shot from the air. That high point of view and key lighting might even make the selfie profile pic worthy. 2. Spy on your neighbors. Binoculars...
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13 Oct

12 Cool Things You Can Do with Apple’s 3D Touch

The launch of the iPhone 6S paved the way for several important smartphone upgrades. One of these revolutionary updates is 3D Touch. Like Force Touch on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook Pro, pressing a tad bit longer on specific areas of the screen will open up an array of eye-opening activities. Instead of furiously smudging up your brand new phone with your greasy fingers, we’ve highlighted 12 of the flashiest things you can do with the touch-and-go feature. If you’re looking for a reason to pick up the new iPhone 6S (do you really need one?), this might be it. 12 Game-changing 3D Touch Features Preview emails: Pressing on an email in your stock Mail inbox will launch a preview of...
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7 Oct

This Ingenious Attachment Will Help You Take the Perfect Pet Selfie

Dogs aren’t wired the same way as humans. They’re motivated by mail deliveries, endless games of fetch and belly rubs. So when it comes to taking selfies with your domesticated companion, getting it to look into the camera with everyone else can take hours of preparation. To boost your chances of a social media-approved selfie with your pet, check out the Pooch Selfie. “As any dog owner will tell you, it is difficult to get your pet to sit still long enough for a picture, let alone catch them looking into the camera,” said the company. “A selfie with your dog is nearly an impossible task. Pooch Selfie takes advantage of a dog’s natural draw and focus to a tennis ball...
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17 Sep

Red Dot Smartphone App Mimics Leica Cameras With Manual Controls

The stock iPhone camera is great, but it could be better- a lot better. If you’re looking for a new way to breathe life into your mobile snapshots, check out the Red Dot Camera app. Manual Rangerfinder Settings The app offers an assortment of manual controls for users who want to push their smartphone shooting capabilities as far as possible. Skinned with a powerful Leica theme that appeals to photography enthusiasts, the platform captures the bold essence of the iconic M camera series. According to the developers, below are the core features of the mobile app: Rangefinder-Style Manual Focusing: Focus in with precision using a magnified patch at the center of the viewfinder to capture the perfect image. Manual ISO Control: High ISO settings generate...
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7 Sep

Saluting the Selfie: It’s Clear It’s Here to Stay

The selfie has become such a part of American pop culture by now it has actually risen to art form status. “It has given an entire generation of people a platform to express themselves in a very casual way,” explained Long Island photographer Sheri Watts. “And it’s not about taking a really great picture of yourself – it’s about taking a picture of yourself in a moment to capture a mood, a time, an experience. That’s what’s so cool about a selfie.” Watts further explained that people have always dreaded “bad pictures of themselves” and in this age of social media a bad photograph can be seen by thousands of people in just minutes. The selfie, she explains, tackles that issue head...
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31 Aug

Rumor: iPhone 6S to Receive Significant Camera Upgrades, 12MP Photos and 4K Recording

Apple hasn’t upgraded its smartphone cameras since the iPhone 4S in 2011. While other mobile brands are actively committed to boosting the specs of their shooters every year, the leading tech company has decided to take a different route in mobile development. After a string of impressive hardware and firmware updates, Apple is now ready to make some serious changes to the iPhone camera, starting with the upcoming release of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. But is it enough to overshadow Sony and Motorola’s 20MP-capable devices? 12 MP Photos and 4K Video Recording The smartphones are rumored to include a new, powerful camera capable of 12-megapixel photos. Both handheld models will receive the same camera upgrade (previously 8MP). The much-needed increase in resolution means that users will...
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20 Aug

Sony Unveils Xperia C5 Ultra and M5, Packed with Superior Camera Specs

Sony is out to prove it can still hang with Apple and Samsung. The global tech brand just announced two new additions to the Xperia family, the C5 Ultra and the M5. “We are pleased to present two new products that highlight Sony’s advances in camera technology,” said Tony McNulty, Vice-President, Value Category Business Management at Sony Mobile Communications. “We understand that camera capabilities are important to smartphone users, so we ensured that Sony’s existing camera brilliance was once again surpassed in the new Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia M5 without compromising on other features across design and performance.” Xperia C5 Ultra The Xperia C5 Ultra is designed for individuals who love taking selfies. There are two 13-megapixel shooters located at the front and back...
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