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24 Sep

Avoid Overeating with These 9 Appetite Suppressing Foods

appetite suppressing foods
Overeating is a constant battle of restraint vs desire. Whether you’re binge eating an entire bag of potato chips, or find yourself shoveling candy into your mouth an hour after lunch because that salad has left your stomach feeling more vacant than a church on Monday, eating for the sake of eating or just to feel full and satisfied can often lead to trouble. After all, if we’re eating healthy and still hungry later, we’re probably more prone to grab something rich and filling, and not necessarily good for us. However, there are foods that act as natural appetite suppressants that will leave you feeling full until your next meal. Consider adding these nine foods to your meals or snack...
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17 Dec

After Genome Sequencing, This Tiny Parasite Turned Out to Be a Microscopic Jellyfish

Sometimes, scientists get things wrong. There have been reported cases of zookeepers mistaking male animals for females. There was even that time a famous Asian elephant turned out to be African. The most recent incident of wrongful classification involves jellyfish. According to the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, myxozoans, tiny parasites composed of a few cells that are known to burrow themselves in both vertebrate and invertebrate animals, are actually microscopic jellyfish. Using genome sequencing and DNA analysis, researchers were able to verify that the tiny bug belongs to the phylum of cnidarians. Previously, researchers thought myxozoans were macroscopic multicellular organisms. But now, under the new category and despite their misleading size, the creatures are definitely animals. “Hox genes are one...
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