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13 Mar

Reflectors: Every Portrait Photographer’s Best Friend

In photography, lighting is everything - especially when it comes to portraiture. For portrait photographers, there's nothing better than that early morning or late afternoon natural light, but the sun isn't always gracious enough to behave how we want it to. That's when we have to call in help from external lighting equipment, which can come in many different forms.  While handheld flashes and studio lights are great for illuminating a subject, they can also be bulky and inconvenient to use. Large flashy lighting equipment can also be intimidating for a new or shy model. Reflectors, on the other hand, are easy to transport, require no batteries or electricity and can have a dramatic effect on a photo’s quality of light. Plus, they're...
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16 Jun

5 Tips to Unleash Your Inner Macro Photographer

Macro photography opens your eyes to details that you can’t normally see with your naked eye - an insect covered in pearls of dew or a pink flower floating on a shimmering pond, for example. It's almost like entering a different world, one that's only open to the tiniest of creatures. This school of photography is miniature. yet mighty. Conquering its techniques—from picking the right lens to picking the best light source—can be a challenge. However, you can join the ranks of extraordinary macro photographers by following these five tips: 1. Choose the right macro lens. Macro lenses come in three different focal lengths: standard (50mm to 70mm), short telephoto (85mm to 100mm, and 105mm) and telephoto (180mm to 200mm). Standard focal-length...
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