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23 Feb

The Ins and Outs of Drone Real Estate Photography

As we witness multiple industries benefit from the application of drones, one vertical that has really boomed is real estate photography. With realtors looking for various ways to capture acres of land, drones took the forefront in providing ease and accessibility, and various uses including: Capturing aerial views of property and land Scoping out neighborhood and surrounding area for amenities Property maps and surveys Outer terrain and geographic developments This complete guide will outline the necessities and overall how-to's to become familiar with aerial real estate photography and uses drones for commercial purposes. Using Drones Makes Aerial Imaging Affordable Prior to drones, aerial photos for real estate was captured using either a plane or helicopter, which would cost thousands of dollars. In addition, time and space...
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2 Feb

4 Most Popular Drone Uses For Aerial Photography

Whether you're an established photographer with years of experience or just starting out and learning the basics, aerial photography is undoubtedly in the future of the industry. The ability to capture angles and shots that were largely unachievable has made drones an incredibly popular instrument for a number of different forms of photography. Below are some of the most popular uses and the best drones with tips on how to shoot stunning aerial images. Wedding Photo & Video Production Due to the once in a lifetime singularity of wedding photography, there is a ton of pressure to get the perfect shots. Every couple wants their wedding to be special and documenting those precious moments bares a challenging task. In addition to the standard,...
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24 Feb

You Might Buy Your Next Home Through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality house hunting
For the real estate business, visuals are everything. No one is going to buy or rent property that doesn’t appeal to his or her tastes. A property needs to look good in order to be sold, plain and simple. Thanks to virtual reality tech, no longer does a person need to explore a property in person to get a look and great visualization for it. That’s the running idea behind Halstead’s investment in their very own virtual reality technology – to give potential buyers a virtual look and tour of what could end up being their new home. Halstead isn’t just stopping with creating virtual experiences and tours of existing properties either. By hiring Virtual Xperience, they’re creating visual renderings from...
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16 Dec

Kalu Yala: An Off-The-Grid Startup Creating the World’s First Sustainable Modern Town Deep in the Panamanian Jungle

Kalu Yala, which means “sacred land” in the indigenous Kuna language, is a 7,000+ acre community 50 minutes from downtown Panama City that lies in the belly of a breathtaking Panamanian rain valley. This off-the-grid village at the intersection of North and South America has a clear message: “To teach. To learn. To start a conversation, a business, or an adventure. We disconnected from the grid, so that we can reconnect to one another and to what life is meant to be.” On this tropical frontier, Kalu Yala is building a fully sustainable “Parisian style” settlement with plans to become a town eventually housing a population of more than 10,000 people.   The man at the heart of this open-source community is...
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