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7 Sep

How To Create a Drone Shot List

There’s a lot more to filming great footage with your drone than just your operating and photography skills. Capturing the perfect shot requires quite a bit of back work from finding a beautiful destination to understanding the region from fluctuations in the weather to crowds and accessible places to get the best view. Here is a to-do list before before heading out to shoot with your drone. Scope Out the Area  The first thing you need to do is to plan out the area you’ll be filming in and get familiar with it. First, check on AirMap to make sure that the airspace you want to fly in is legal. Once you have confirmed that, you’ll want to locate a safe spot that...
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21 Mar

What You Need To Know Before Renting a Drone

Whether you're interested in renting a drone for a specific shoot, expanding your photo portfolio to include aerial shots, or just want something to take with you on your travels, your friends here at Lumoid have you covered. Renting a drone has never been easier and is a great option if you're not sure which one you want, if you need it for a shoot or vacation, or don't have the funds to splurge on buying one just yet. Before you start flying though, we've outlined a few things to consider before renting. Know the Rules and Regulations As excited as you are to rent a drone and get started flying, make sure you know all the rules and regulations that go into...
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14 Mar

Amazon’s Delivery Drones Spotted at SXSW

The annual conference and festival South by Southwest (SXSW) celebrated the convergence of the film and music last week. With interviews ranging from Buzz Aldrin to established singer T.I., it was an eventful week filled with great people and great food! One of the biggest attractions was the sighting of Amazon's  long awaited delivery drones. The e-commerce giant unveiled two of its Prime Air drones in Austin, Texas this past week. Being the first time ever displayed to the general public, crowds gathered to feast their eyes on the delivery of household items, goods, and basic necessities. Unfortunately, attendees stood disappointed as Amazon did not perform any test deliveries nor even a single flight at the festival. Photo via NBCNews Protection...
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7 Jan

Drones Will Look Like Planes in 2016

Today's drones have a distinct look: four helicopter-like blades on each corner, lovingly named the quadcopter. Looking at any of 2015's most popular drones, this quadcopter design has created popular flying cameras that are stable, can take off and land vertically and hover in midair. But the Disco drone built by Parrot, that was recently announced at CES, has a decidedly more "Wright Brothers" approach. Foregoing the quadcopter design, the Parrot Disco is a fixed wing drone capable of speeding through the sky, and it looks perfect for long, sweeping, exciting shots - even if it can't hover. The biggest question to ask is, "What makes a fixed wing drone that can't hover better than the consumer-friendly quadcopter design?" The answer...
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23 Dec

FAA Opens Mandatory Drone Registration

Love drones? Don’t forget to register your UAVs before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) slaps you with hefty penalties. Starting December 21, 2015, the group requires all consumer quadcopters weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds to be officially recorded before operation. If you’re getting one during Christmas, you may need to hold off a few days until you’ve gone through the tedious registration process. According to the FAQ, there’s a tiny loophole in the system that allows you to hold off on the process until February 19, 2016. This regulation is only for people who have flown their devices before the mandatory registration date of December 21, 2015. The government site doesn’t elaborate too much on this; therefore, it sounds like...
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10 Sep

Top 3 Mini Drones for Superior Aerial Recording and Footage

Mini drones are a great way to enter the rapidly evolving UAV community. In the film industry, such machines are essential for capturing unique footage. Aerial Filming Trends Autonomous shooting is the future and there’s no reason to play hard-to-get with the technology. Handheld quadcopters have become increasingly affordable (some cost as low as $100) in the past five years. A small, powerful UAV can easily replace thousands of dollars worth of recording equipment. This allows you to get the shots you want without having to worry about going over your budget. Compact drones have several advantages over standard-sized UAVs. They can navigate around tight spaces, making the units perfect for discreet shooting at indoor venues. For travelers, small quadcopters are easy to transport (they don’t take up...
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25 Apr

3DR Solo: Harness The Power Of The World’s Smartest Drone

When it comes to UAV development, the past few years were all about power. Now companies are pushing the limits of drone intelligence. Users want full control, flexible maneuverability and smart features, which is exactly what the 3DR Solo offers. “What our users really want is great shots. They want professional tools that enable them to get those shots easily and consistently, right out of the box. Solo delivers on this promise: You get the shot, every time,” said Colin Guinn, Chief Revenue Officer of 3DR. Effortless Flying The quad’s smart features makes flying low risk and incredibly easy. An interactive flight stimulator mode lets users practice before attempting aerial tricks in live environments. Getting the drone in the air requires minimal effort....
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