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26 Jun

Create a Polar Bear Dreamscape in Photoshop

To start, you’ll need two cloud images - one of darker, stormy clouds and another of lighter, fluffy clouds. You’ll also need an image of a rocky cliff ledge, a picture of a polar bear (or your favorite animal), and a picture of a girl, boy or yourself reaching out a hand.  Start by opening up Photoshop and going File>New. Set the new document width to 2100 pixels and the height to 1400 pixels. Make sure the document is oriented horizontally. Set the resolution to 72 pixels per inch and the color mode to RGB. The background contents should be white and 8 bit.     Open the stormy cloud image. Use the move tool to drag and drop the cloud picture to the new document....
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2 Apr

The Active Illusion: Do Wearables Actually Improve Fitness Habits?

Activity trackers are all the rage these days with brands like Nike, Polar, Fitbit and Jawbone all weighing in to get people off their couches and counting their steps. But is this activity-tracking trend really making us more active, or does it simply add to our obsession with tracking every minute detail of our daily lives? In 1982 Finish company Polar revolutionised performance tracking by introducing the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor, paving the way for the myriad of activity trackers we know today. While performance tracking has been an important part of training for serious athletes and sports enthusiasts, social media and smartphone proliferation has created the perfect environment for these devices to reach the general public. In fact,...
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