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15 Jun

A Breakdown of Drone Cinematography Techniques

To make amazing video reels and awe inspiring cinematography, a videographer must possess a vast array of skill sets to bring his or her picture to life. They must have an unique eye to envision the shot, an uncanny ability to transform the norm into something extravagant, and a variety of different shots to amaze the audience. One way to amaze the audience is by using drones to provide aerial imagery. We will outline some basic shot techniques used by renowned operators to achieve cinematic aerial shots! 1. Slow and Steady The number one rule when using drones for film is to fly slow. Going slower is usually more cinematic and gives the viewer the idea that you are shooting from a...
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1 May

How To Edit Low-Light Photos In Lightroom

One of the first techniques we learn as photographers is how to expose an image. We practice finding the midtones of any given scene and adjusting our ISO, shutter speed and aperture to match. We pride ourselves on getting a perfect exposure on the first try, without any post processing adjustments. But sometimes, a perfectly exposed image isn't as perfect as it might seem. Especially if you're shooting outside when the sun is bright, a perfectly exposed picture can sometimes result in a loss of detail. The texture of clouds can get blown out, leaving you with a barren, bright white spot in your image where a beautiful and detailed sky used to be. Or worse, a portrait of someone with very pale skin can...
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14 Jun

How to Edit Stunning Sunset Photos in Lightroom

Everyone loves a good sunset picture, but they don't always turn out the way you want them to on . The colors can often look washed out and less vibrant than they do in real life, with the details getting lost in the shadows and highlights. Luckily, this can be fixed with a few easy tricks in post processing! Below is a guide on how to get the most out of your sunset shots in Adobe Lightroom. First, open your photo in Lightroom and start by turning down the highlights and bumping up the shadows to bring more of the detail back into it. Be careful not to overdo it too much; you want to make sure you still have true black...
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9 Jun

Metalenses Will Bring Slimmer, Simpler, and Better Lenses for Everyone

The most unsightly part of your cell phone is probably that camera module. It likely protrudes from the back of your immaculately designed pieces of hardware like a relic from a bygone era, tarnishing the smooth lines and thin frame that made you buy your phone in the first place. It's a bummer we have to deal with those camera humps, but they're necessary given the way lenses work today. The same goes for the detachable lenses on your DSLR. Put simply, lenses are heavy, expensive to produce, and are compromised of layers and layers of curved glass to help capture light and take incredible pictures. The layers of curved glass correct distortions and capture visible light. These necessary corrections through...
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19 Apr

Facebook AI Tool Helps Visually Impaired “See” Photos

Social media has become an increasingly visual driven experience, thanks in large part to everyone having a camera always in their hands and in small part to vanity. The visual nature of social media, however, is a deterrent to the visually impaired and blind, who are unable to experience these platforms the way the rest of us do. No longer, if Facebook has anything to say about it. The social media titan has introduced a powerful artificial intelligence tool that provides automatic alternate text enabling the visually impaired to “see” photos that appear in their news feed. This new tool capitalizes on Facebook’s object recognition technology comprised of a neural network foundation with billions of parameters and trained with millions of...
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26 Sep

Facebook Has a Winner in New Moments App

We live in an app-happy world, so much so that there are literally thousands of them that don’t really do a whole lot. We excitedly download them, but quickly find them taking up valuable real estate on our phone screens and tablets, not to mention our data storage. However, the latest imaging app from Facebook doesn’t fall into this unfortunate category – in fact, their new Moments app is actually extremely useful and quite addicting. When it comes to better organizing and sharing your images in new and creative ways, most of what’s currently out there offers the storage part of the equation but nothing much on actually doing anything with the stored memories. Moments is all about that overlooked aspect...
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9 Sep

Goodbye Photobombs: New Software Detects Distracting Elements in Images… and Removes Them

Photobombs are unavoidable. Sometimes it’s a random passerby furiously ducking out of the way or a dog jumping in front of the camera trying to get in the shot. To help get rid of annoying distractions after a photo has been taken, scientists from Adobe and Princeton University created a platform that automatically removes stray elements in photos. Defusing Photobombs with Algorithms The first obstacle that developers had to overcome was teaching the platform to detect the right elements for removal. To achieve this, algorithms scan the unedited sample for inconsistencies, such as a change in tone or lighting. Naturally, the complex method is very meticulous. With hopes to increase success rates, scientists went through roughly 1,073 images from Amazon's Mechanical Turk system to better...
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15 Jul

Polaroid Proves They’re Still Very Much a Thing with Polaroid Cube+

Not one to rest on its laurels and fade forever away into obscurity amidst our digitized world, Polaroid is still staking its ground in the photography industry by adapting to changing technologies while still retaining the characteristics that define and popularized it as a brand. Their latest venture is the quaint, feature-packed Polaroid Cube+, a recently announced upgrade of their popular Polaroid Cube action camera that hit retailers last year. Following a much-buzzed debut at CE Week 2015, Polaroid Cube+ is being billed as the next generation improvement to its popular mother product. A recent press release from Polaroid touted the new product, hyping its affordable $150 price tag and announcing it will begin shipping at the end of August. “We knew...
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2 Jun

Google Launches Free, Unlimited Storage for Photos and Videos- But There’s a Catch

Google Photos smartphone camera
Cloud storage is expensive. But not if you’re using Google Photos. The company never fails to keep its competitors on their toes. This time, popular cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Microsoft's OneDrive, Apple's iCloud and Amazon's Cloud Drive are all taking a hit. During Google I/O 2015, the global brand announced free, unlimited storage for photos and videos on the Google Photos app. But before you cancel your cloud storage subscription and create a new account solely for this purpose, there are some strings attached to the deal that could make you rethink the big switch. What’s the Catch? There are two limitations that you should be concerned about. First, the app only accepts images below 16 megapixels, or 4920 x 3264 pixels. Photos with higher...
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