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31 Jul

How to Use the Selective Color Tool in Photoshop

When I discovered the selective color tool for the first time, I felt a little intimidated. It looked like a language that only Photoshop experts could decipher. When I finally began to experiment with it, I entered a world of independent creative control. The language I was so afraid of using turned out to be a language I already knew. To make the most of this handy feature, all you need is a little patience and enthusiasm. If you're passionate about altering very specific colors in your photos, Photoshop's selective color tool will help you enhance your workflow flawlessly. Here are some examples of what it can do: The following tutorials will help you understand how to use selective color to enhance...
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10 Apr

Create A Gritty, Urban Look In Lightroom That Pops

Urban jungles from New York to Chicago to London are known for their iconic, gray skyscrapers as well as for their colorful buses and taxis. The gritty concrete buildings juxtaposed against the bright yellow or red vehicles make for great photo opportunities. But sometimes that contrast doesn't show up on camera as strongly as it does in person. Start by opening your image in Lightroom. This tutorial works best with a cityscape that doesn't include much sky. We want the focus to be on the man made features of the city. The first thing we're going to do is adjust the general exposure. Start by bumping up your shadows. This will bring a lot more detail into the dark parts of the image and will...
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30 Sep

How to Add Dreamy, Romantic Effects to Images in Photoshop

Photographs are all about capturing a moment in time and effectively conveying the mood and tone of the subject and its surroundings. Still, even for the best photographers, some things are difficult to translate in photos. For instance, you might want to soften up a portrait or image in order to evoke a more romantic atmosphere. Even better, to further the aesthetic of a fairytale romance, adding dreamy effects to a photo can truly seal the deal. Whether you want your image to look like the cover of a steamy romance novel, or just want to add something a bit more fantastical, here’s how to pull off that dreamy, romantic look in Photoshop. Step 1 Open the image you wish to edit...
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29 Sep

How to Neutralize Color Casts Created by ND Filters AKA Big Stoppers

When you shoot in RAW you’re taking full advantage of what digital photography has to offer in terms of versatility. With this file type good images can become great, and even problematic shots can be rescued. With control over exposure, tonality, color and much more, RAW is the perfect option for landscape photography. Shooting long exposures with a 10-stop ND filter – aka a Big Stopper – attached to the lens is incredibly popular for shooting landscapes. But if you’ve ever shot with one you’ll be familiar with the strong color cast they create. For this reason many Big Stopper shots are converted to mono so they don’t have to deal with the color cast, even when shooting in RAW. But...
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26 Sep

Reducing Camera Shake in Photoshop: A Simple Four Step Tutorial

camera shake reduction
We’ve all been there before – we’re rushing to capture the perfect shot of something before it’s too late, and in the ensuing madness, we don’t realize that we were a little jittery when taking the shot. Nothing is as big of a bummer as realizing a really good photo opportunity was spoiled by your own error, namely shaking the camera. But fret not – your image isn’t completely ruined due to this blur and shaky after effect. In fact, with a little Photoshop editing magic, it is quite possible to salvage a blurry photo. Follow this four-step tutorial on reducing camera shake in Photoshop in order to recover the glorious potential of photos marred by shaky fuzziness. Step 1 Open your...
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19 Sep

Turn Your Pictures Into Comic Book Pop Art in Photoshop

The pop art movement, pioneered by artists including Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, is chock-full of extreme contrast and lively, vibrant colors. While you may not have access to silkscreening materials or have the know-how to create this type of art print, a similar style can easily be recreated in just a few minutes using your photographs and Photoshop. Continue reading the tutorial below to whip up super rad Lichtenstein-Warhol hybrid art images of your very own! First off, if your photo is in color, go ahead and desaturate it by going to Image > Adjustments > Black & White. To make the contrast even more pronounced, auto tone the image by going to Image > Auto Tone. Now, you're going to want...
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13 Sep

Making Day into Night Using Photoshop

No, it’s not magic, but it will make you feel a bit like an omnipotent deity. I’m talking, of course, about the ability to turn day into night in your photos using some nifty Photoshop editing techniques. You don’t need to be the prince of darkness to cast a black shroud over your bright photos. Rather, you need a few tricks and a little Photoshop know-how to turn a vibrant, daytime photo into a stunning, nighttime shot. All it takes is some tinkering with color shifts and exposure to turn that baby blue midday sky into a rich midnight blue. It may hours to go from day to night in real life, but now you can do it in just five...
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11 Sep

Three Apps That Make Editing Photos on Your Phone a Breeze

photo editing apps
For the photographer on the go, there’s no more a convenient or powerful device than probably what’s already in their – and most everyone’s – pocket: a smartphone. This is because a smartphone can accomplish all the basic facets of the process, including capturing an image, editing that image to polish it up and then posting and distributing the final product. The fact that all of this can be done on one device is truly remarkable, and just goes to show how far we’ve come. While it’s obvious to most that you can take photos on your phone thanks to built-in cameras and post those thanks to an abundance of social sharing apps, what most forget is how easy and...
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2 Sep

How to Create a Sunset Effect Using Photoshop

Golden hour photography is notoriously gorgeous - the glowing reds, yellows and oranges are hard to resist. Although sometimes, your outdoor shots just don't quite give off those warm and cozy sun-kissed vibes that you want from them. Photoshop can help! In just a handful of minutes you can take your backlit photos from drab to absolutely spectacular. Here's how: First, create a new layer over your image by going to Layer > New > Layer. Now go to your gradient tool and then click on the drop down menu circled in red to create your color scheme for your faux sun. Choose any of the pre-made gradients, it doesn't matter which, so you can change the colors into the ones you'll use! Select...
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29 Aug

4 Simple Retouching Tricks You Can Do in Photoshop

Photoshop can be a daunting platform to master, especially for the uninitiated. Still, photo editors and photographers have a wealth of potential and capability at their disposal thanks to Adobe’s photo editing dream machine. While experts can create wildly artistic creations in Photoshop from their bare bones photos, the platform excels at easy, quick and seamless editing and retouching tricks. Most of these aren’t elaborate in nature or execution, but can still go a long way from taking your photo from ordinary to extraordinary. Below are four of the easiest and most effective retouching tricks that anyone can pull off in Photoshop. Using Healing & Clone Tools on a Separate Layer: This one is as easy it comes. Check off the box...
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