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3 Nov

A Complete Transaction with Nothing But Sound Waves? Welcome to the Future of Shopping

Apple Pay now allows you to make payments wirelessly just by tapping your smartphone on a POS terminal. MasterCard is developing a system that verifies transactions using selfies. And of course there’s the blockchain, a new way of clearing money transfers that banks are racing to capitalize on. All of these initiatives push the boundaries of the industry, but they aren’t revolutionary. Sure, the technologies enhance the way we transact with our favorite brands and bring a new level of convenience to the cashless movement. But at the end of the day, that’s all they are: enhancements. For a complete disruptive experience, businesses are turning to Soundpays. The Toronto-based startup has created a new way to authenticate and initiate payments using sound waves. Its...
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16 Jul

Blockchain: Bitcoin Tech Could Make Everyday Services Faster and Cheaper

Blockchain bitcoin
Bitcoin has a history of being unstable. But the technology behind the digital currency is reliable and straightforward. The blockchain has been keeping tabs of all bitcoin transactions worldwide since 2008. Without the public ledger, virtual currency trades would be floating around in the digital space, completely unaccounted for. The system works so well, that large tech and financial institutions such as IBM, Samsung, Nasdaq and Barclays, have praised the blockchain for its ability to process and organize data. The Blockchain Explained The bitcoin technology was created to manage financial transactions in the most direct and transparent way possible. Mike Gault, founder and CEO of Guardtime, explains the mechanics of the system in a recent Re/Code article: A blockchain is essentially just a record, or...
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