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29 Mar

4 Awesome Things to Do With a GoPro Karma

The GoPro Karma is finally back on sale after being on recall for nearly 3 months! With fixes to their battery compartment, GoPro has now ensured that its Karma drone is fully functional and ready to hit the skies "flying." With GoPro being the founding father of action adventure camera equipment, it was only logical for them to expand to the skies. Here are some neat feats you can accomplish with the GoPro Karma. Grab N' Go Photo via BlessThisStuff The Karma was built on the simple GoPro idea of making the world's most versatile camera. Whether it be on the ground or the air, the Karma was meant for situations where you want to capture an amazing shot....
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16 Feb

A Complete How To Guide For Filming with Drones

There's nothing quite like aerial shots, especially with drones. The freedom to be able to capture angles from high above, off a cliff, or in the thick of the moment is unquestionably a major draw for filmmakers. As drones become a prominent tool in photography and film, certain techniques are required to capture specific shots. We've put together tips for 5 different kinds of shots including the Fly-by, the Reveal, the Chase, the High-Pan, and the Explorer (roaming shots). The fly-by is a type of shot where the camera flies by or over a scene. In the video below starting at 0:15 seconds, you see the operator set up on top of the shot and fly over the moving subjects. The trick with...
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1 Jul

In Living Color! Watch Pluto and Charon Get Their Orbital Dance On

Oh, Pluto. Poor, poor Pluto. The little demoted planet that could. Pluto’s identity crisis has been a well-documented story, but since it’s demotion from full-bodied planet to dwarf planet in 2006, due to the fact that it failed to meet one of the three qualifications to be defined as a planet – clearing the neighborhood, or becoming gravitationally dominant from its orbit – Pluto hasn’t made many waves in the space-based news cycle. Until recently, that is. Yes, the reject little stepbrother to the other eight planetary bros is finally getting its moment to shine in the sun, even though that solar light takes a lengthy 5.3 hours to reach it. Recently released video from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, the first...
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