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6 Apr

Add Cinematic Drama To Your Photos In Lightroom With a Few Quick Steps

Movie imagery has a specific style and mood that increases the sense of drama. The cool, blue tones, faded contrast and shallow depth of field draw the viewer in. It's a look that speaks to many still photographers as well. But not all still photographers have the right gear to recreate it on camera. Luckily, if you're a fan of the cinematic look, you can recreate it whenever you want with just a few simple steps in Lightroom. Start by opening your image in your Lightroom catalog and open the editing window by clicking the Develop tap at the top of the window, or by using the shortcut D. An editing bar will appear to the right of the image. Cinema tends to have a...
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16 Feb

A Complete How To Guide For Filming with Drones

There's nothing quite like aerial shots, especially with drones. The freedom to be able to capture angles from high above, off a cliff, or in the thick of the moment is unquestionably a major draw for filmmakers. As drones become a prominent tool in photography and film, certain techniques are required to capture specific shots. We've put together tips for 5 different kinds of shots including the Fly-by, the Reveal, the Chase, the High-Pan, and the Explorer (roaming shots). The fly-by is a type of shot where the camera flies by or over a scene. In the video below starting at 0:15 seconds, you see the operator set up on top of the shot and fly over the moving subjects. The trick with...
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13 May

‘Unfriended’: The Social Media Horror Film with Social Commentary

“Unfriended” touches on a nerve, and not just the one that makes you kick and scream. The revenge horror movie certainly isn’t revolutionary, but the premise of “Unfriended”--the cyber bullying, the cold detachment of technology, and the ability take lives with the single press of the ‘record’ button--is all too terrifying and real. On what was supposed to be a casual Skype hangout, Blaire (Shelly Henig) and her friends are harassed by an unknown Skype user who has somehow managed to hack into their call and can’t be kicked out. It is soon revealed the unwanted guest is none other than the vengeful spirit of Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman), who had taken her own life exactly one year prior. The group of...
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