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3 Aug

How To Start Making Money Off Your Drone Photography

You have experience with taking professional quality photography with drones, but have you ever considered selling your work? Selling your drone footage is a fun and gratifying way to make some money as its something you already love to do. Interested? Here are the steps you’ll need to take to make that dream a reality. Find Your Niche The first thing you’ll need to decide is what you’ll want to take photography of. Popular topics include wildlife, landscape, city shots, sporting events, ocean views, busy streets, and even weddings. Pick whatever you want to photograph and start perfecting your craft. It should be something you be skilled at and enjoy photographing. Required Licensing Since you’ll be profiting from your drone, you’ll need additional licensing. Each...
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19 Nov

Sweden May Soon Become the First Cashless Society

Money is great, but cash isn’t. For many, handling paper bills is a huge burden. They don’t stand up well to wet conditions, and the old ones always smell weird. That’s why Sweden is trying to eradicate tangible cash. The country was able to reduce circulation by a whopping 40-60 percent in just six years. At the moment, there is only about $8.6 billion moving around the region, compared to $12.2 billion previously. Attempting to pay with traditional bank notes in the area will cause problems and give off bad vibes. The use of cash is dwindling so fast that cops get suspicious when people transact with bills (note: making it rain in Sweden will probably raise red flags). “Cash is...
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16 Jul

Blockchain: Bitcoin Tech Could Make Everyday Services Faster and Cheaper

Blockchain bitcoin
Bitcoin has a history of being unstable. But the technology behind the digital currency is reliable and straightforward. The blockchain has been keeping tabs of all bitcoin transactions worldwide since 2008. Without the public ledger, virtual currency trades would be floating around in the digital space, completely unaccounted for. The system works so well, that large tech and financial institutions such as IBM, Samsung, Nasdaq and Barclays, have praised the blockchain for its ability to process and organize data. The Blockchain Explained The bitcoin technology was created to manage financial transactions in the most direct and transparent way possible. Mike Gault, founder and CEO of Guardtime, explains the mechanics of the system in a recent Re/Code article: A blockchain is essentially just a record, or...
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