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27 Sep

Misfit Releases Hundreds of Customization Options for Their Wearables

Misfit Shine 2
If style, aesthetic and fashion forwardness are what you’re looking for in a wearable, then there is no better brand to meet those needs than Misfit. Misfit’s Ray and Shine 2 wearables were already known as a pair of chic, good-looking wearables with designs that proved that wearables and fashion could definitely go hand-in-hand. Rather than launch another wearable to their line, they’ve decided to go another route: introducing hundreds of stylish, colorful customization options for their existing wearables. Let’s break down the expansive options of each one: Misfit Ray Misfit Ray is Misfit’s newer wearable on the block, the precocious kid that segued away from the circular shape of many past Misfit devices to become something uniquely its own. Ray’s...
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28 Jun

Misfit Ray Is Getting a Makeover Just in Time for Summer

Misfit Ray accessories
Misfit Ray is one of the more stylish and affordable wearables out there. Its sleek, minimalistic design is the perfect accessory for just about any outfit or occasion, and with a price tag of just $100, it’s a perfect wearable for beginners or those who want some fancy wearable tech but don’t want to break the bank. To continue cashing in on its fashion credo, Misfit Ray is releasing a bunch of new bands and accessories this summer to ratchet up its style quotient even further. After debuting sport, cord and leather bands at this year’s CES, Misfit is finally making these options available to the public. Currently, wearable junkies can snatch up a Misfit Ray in either the rose gold...
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20 Apr

Gear You Need To Survive Coachella

I've been to Coachella four years in a row and just returned from Weekend 1 of 2. With Weekend 2 coming up quick, I'm here to help make sure you have the gear you need to preserve your upcoming time of your life! Coachella has always relied heavily on spectacle, but this year they've outdone themselves. For the first time, the art has been commissioned solely for Coachella instead of being reused from another festival - and it's bigger than ever. Additionally, Coachella's stages have received significant upgrades. Specifically, the main stage (officially the Coachella Stage) now has wraparound, giant screens and the Sahara tent (which mainly hosts EDM acts) has dozens of LED-powered cubes positively packed with lights. Here's...
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23 Feb

The Science of Sleep: Snoozing Affects Your Health More Than You Think

Go ahead and snooze. The importance of sleep is often overlooked, and goes beyond banishing eye-circles and boosting your mood. It is critical for health, and yet, most of us aren't getting enough of it. Here are some stats and ways to help you sleep soundly and more effectively so you can be the best you.   Each time we check our email or social media and find a new piece of information, we get a shot of dopamine—a chemical our brains release to simulate pleasure. According to a Pew study, 83% of millenials sleep with their phones nearby, listlessly refreshing email, even when it's way past bedtime. Fitbit Charge HR Battle tech insomnia with tech! Record your sleep in "sensitive mode" for detailed sleep reporting including...
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11 Jan

Misfit Tackles Wearable and Audio Tech at CES

Misfit CES
In most cases, a company presenting their new line of next generation products at CES sticks to one lane or realm of the tech industry – their bread and butter, so to speak. Not Misfit. Misfit made two huge announcements in completely different areas of the tech field, and each product has got techies from across the aisle chattering. Unveiling both an activity tracking wearable and wireless, smart headphones, Misfit went for the jugular at this year’s CES Despite the obvious split between launching both a wearable and a set of headphones (which could arguably actually be referred to as wearables too), what unites these two separate realms of technology is the overall goal and functionality of the products Misfit creates:...
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28 Dec

Shine 2 Review: A Compact and Competent Fitness Tracker

We're obsessed with those little reminders to stay active that we call fitness trackers. It's exciting to record our steps and sleep patterns, and then see that data visualized. It feels good to know that technology can keep us on our feet in addition to in our computer chairs. From FitBit to Jawbone to the pedometer on your phone, fitness trackers have become a way of life for many. So how does a fitness tracker stand out with so much competition? If you're Misfit, maker of the Shine 2, you create a unique-looking device with a stellar battery life that doesn't have to be worn on your wrist, complete with a robust mobile app. For the past few weeks, I've been using...
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16 Jul

Misfit Launches New Smart Products for the Modern Go-getter

Misfit link app
Tech and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for powerful devices that can help them gain control of their busy lives are in for a treat. Misfit, a California-based company that specializes in sleek wearables, just released a new app with digital remote features. Riding on the momentum, the tech brand is also unveiling a smart activity tracker to go along with the mobile platform. Read on to find out how the new products can help you optimize your life and keep track of your personal goals. New Mistfit Link App Features Robust Smart Controls The Misfit Link app unleashes the true potential of the Flash wearable. Using the smart button feature in the device, individuals can take a selfie with their smartphone and toggle...
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21 May

Under the Scanner: Comparing the Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and Garmin Options

The fitness tracker and smart watch market is crowded. Countless makes and models are jostling for shelf space and your attention. It is easy to be confused when choosing just one. So we've made it easy and with a quick review of eight of the latest and the most sophisticated activity and fitness trackers from four major brands: FitBit, Jawbone, Garmin, and Misfit. In this piece, we examine the Surge and Charge HR (FitBit), UP24 and UP3 (Jawbone), Forerunner 910XT and fēnix 3 (Garmin), and Shine and Flash (Misfit). Because these fitness trackers are some of the most sophisticated to have come out from their respective stables, they pack in an array of features. All the fitness trackers under our scanner...
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