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5 Dec

Lumoid Holiday Gift Guide

There's nothing worse than spending a ton on that "perfect" gift only to find out that you purchased the almost correct version. This is especially true with all things tech. Unless you're reading blogs (like ours) every day, you may be entering the holidays a little cold-footed.  You've only got a few weeks left to wrap up your presents, but don't worry! Renting gear with Lumoid for the holidays lets your loved ones test the gear themselves before anyone makes hasty, costly decisions. The editors at Lumoid have tried nearly every piece of gear under the sun and we know what's best and what's worth skipping. With so many pieces of technology out there, we're here to help you find the...
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4 Oct

Find Your Zen: Wearables for Meditation and Mindful Rest

It's so easy to get sucked into the day-to-day and forget to take care of ourselves. Hectic schedules, changing priorities, and fitting in all the things you want to do on top of what you need to do brings a challenge to being in tune with your body and mind. Sometimes we wish there could be someone to just do that for us. Well, now there is. These 4 wearables will let you know when and how to take a break based off of your body, and then track patterns and progress so you know how you're doing. ...
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1 Oct

5 Wearables to Help You Achieve Relaxation and Rest

We all get into those funks from time to time where every little thing in your life seems to go haywire - you spill a cup of coffee on your favorite shirt, get a flat tire, forget your lunch at home and a new work project is constantly worrying at your thoughts. In times like these, it can be challenging to get the proper sleep and quietude your body and mind need in order to recharge and function at peak condition. Never fear, technology is here! These five wearable gadgets will help you battle stress and take charge of your sleeping schedule to give your mental and physical conditions a much needed helping hand. 1. Fitbit Charge 2 The newest addition to the Fitbit fam comes full equipped with...
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27 Sep

Misfit Releases Hundreds of Customization Options for Their Wearables

Misfit Shine 2
If style, aesthetic and fashion forwardness are what you’re looking for in a wearable, then there is no better brand to meet those needs than Misfit. Misfit’s Ray and Shine 2 wearables were already known as a pair of chic, good-looking wearables with designs that proved that wearables and fashion could definitely go hand-in-hand. Rather than launch another wearable to their line, they’ve decided to go another route: introducing hundreds of stylish, colorful customization options for their existing wearables. Let’s break down the expansive options of each one: Misfit Ray Misfit Ray is Misfit’s newer wearable on the block, the precocious kid that segued away from the circular shape of many past Misfit devices to become something uniquely its own. Ray’s...
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10 May

The Best Wearables to Help Give You a Great Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as laying down for a night of restful slumber and finding yourself completely unable to fall asleep, stuck staring at the ceiling or tossing and turning like a pirate at sea. Luckily, technology exists to help you track, monitor, and ultimately, improve your sleeping patterns. Many wearables have built-in functions that collect data on the wearer’s sleep, or lack thereof. If you’re fed up with counting a million sheep, or disenchanted with the fact that ZzzQuil just isn’t cutting it for you, here’s a list of the best wearables that will help give you a great night’s sleep – all of which are available to rent and try out through Lumoid! Fitbit Blaze All-day activity and sleep...
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