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1 May

How To Edit Low-Light Photos In Lightroom

One of the first techniques we learn as photographers is how to expose an image. We practice finding the midtones of any given scene and adjusting our ISO, shutter speed and aperture to match. We pride ourselves on getting a perfect exposure on the first try, without any post processing adjustments. But sometimes, a perfectly exposed image isn't as perfect as it might seem. Especially if you're shooting outside when the sun is bright, a perfectly exposed picture can sometimes result in a loss of detail. The texture of clouds can get blown out, leaving you with a barren, bright white spot in your image where a beautiful and detailed sky used to be. Or worse, a portrait of someone with very pale skin can...
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29 Jun

Getting Up Close With Seven Sensational Superzooms

Enough with all this smartphone talk of late. We know, we know, it’s “the camera you always have with you” and there’s all these insanely innovative apps and accessories available to help take your smartphoneography endeavors to new heights. We get it. However, there is one thing smartphones really can’t do …and that’s ZOOM. (Yes, we know, rumor has it a DynaOptics may be bringing this tech to smartphones soon, but for now please read on.) Thus, we ask you, have you seen some of the new superzoom digital cameras on the market of late? Incredible stuff from the big name players and a feature you just won’t find on your smartphone – for now. Not to mention we’re typically talking about much...
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