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1 May

How To Edit Low-Light Photos In Lightroom

One of the first techniques we learn as photographers is how to expose an image. We practice finding the midtones of any given scene and adjusting our ISO, shutter speed and aperture to match. We pride ourselves on getting a perfect exposure on the first try, without any post processing adjustments. But sometimes, a perfectly exposed image isn't as perfect as it might seem. Especially if you're shooting outside when the sun is bright, a perfectly exposed picture can sometimes result in a loss of detail. The texture of clouds can get blown out, leaving you with a barren, bright white spot in your image where a beautiful and detailed sky used to be. Or worse, a portrait of someone with very pale skin can...
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13 Mar

Reflectors: Every Portrait Photographer’s Best Friend

In photography, lighting is everything - especially when it comes to portraiture. For portrait photographers, there's nothing better than that early morning or late afternoon natural light, but the sun isn't always gracious enough to behave how we want it to. That's when we have to call in help from external lighting equipment, which can come in many different forms.  While handheld flashes and studio lights are great for illuminating a subject, they can also be bulky and inconvenient to use. Large flashy lighting equipment can also be intimidating for a new or shy model. Reflectors, on the other hand, are easy to transport, require no batteries or electricity and can have a dramatic effect on a photo’s quality of light. Plus, they're...
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28 Nov

Shoot Like a Painter, Think Like an Artist: Zenfolio Pro Tips

Zenfolio Pro Team member Dan Ballard is a Professional Fine Art Photographer from Colorado. He has an extensive portfolio of award winning landscape and travel images, which have been on display in museums and galleries around the country. Today Dan shares some insight on how to create a powerful image. Photography is Art To create a truly powerful image, we must combine light, elements of the world around us, and emotion in a way that speaks to the viewer in a profound way. Yet, due to the simplicity of pushing the little button, we almost never achieve that lofty end. Normally, we pull out the camera, aim and fire, giving almost zero thought to what we are doing. In Contrast, Painting A blank canvas....
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9 Jun

Metalenses Will Bring Slimmer, Simpler, and Better Lenses for Everyone

The most unsightly part of your cell phone is probably that camera module. It likely protrudes from the back of your immaculately designed pieces of hardware like a relic from a bygone era, tarnishing the smooth lines and thin frame that made you buy your phone in the first place. It's a bummer we have to deal with those camera humps, but they're necessary given the way lenses work today. The same goes for the detachable lenses on your DSLR. Put simply, lenses are heavy, expensive to produce, and are compromised of layers and layers of curved glass to help capture light and take incredible pictures. The layers of curved glass correct distortions and capture visible light. These necessary corrections through...
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16 Feb

2016’s hottest photography trends from Jessica Keener Photography

Selfie sticks. White linens. Rustic barns. Pets. Gold everything. In 2015, there were definite trends that stuck out in the photography world - ones that even Instagram photographers could recognize and appreciate. But heading into 2016, there are new terms and styles coming en vogue which seasoned pros will employ into their lifestyle, portrait, wedding and headshot photography. These are what photographers are being asked for by their clients, and what they are looking forward to experimenting with in the coming year. With that in mind, I spoke with Jessica Keener, of Jessica Keener Photography in Seattle, WA, about what trends we can look forward to in 2016. Lumoid: Hi Jess! Tell us a bit about you: how did you find...
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16 Jan

Diving Back Into 2016 CES in Search of Photography Fun

The Consumer Electronics Show is the gift that keeps on giving for techies worldwide. Because we know you can't get enough CES goodies, here are a few more imaging treasures worth noting from the busy and typically crowded CES show floor. Canon’s Cool Portable Printer While it wasn’t an earth shattering CES for Canon, their new Selphy dye-sub printer, the CP1200, is by far the slickest home printer the company has ever produced. This one comes with an optional direct-attachable battery, which is sold separately and has the capacity to print 54 photos per charge. With card-size printing options, you can create pass cases, messages and decorated albums, with the option of adding white or black borders to the layout. Add in...
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14 Aug

Reading light, Scouting like a macro photographer and Bringing ALL your gear

As a working professional photographer I am always learning: how to take a better image through more accurate exposures, knowing my camera gear better and its capabilities, understanding and reading light in a more educated fashion, predicting weather and reading its patterns in a more educated approach, what not to leave behind in the car when going for a “short” scouting hike and how to accurately pinpoint locations on a map to be able to return to them in the dark, snow; all that craziness Mother Nature loves to throw at you. We’re going to look at these concepts more from a landscape photographer’s perspective and I will share helpful tidbits of info saving you some of the headaches I have...
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24 Jul

A Treat from Mother Nature: Whale Exhales Rainbows

Whale exhaling rainbows
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a clip of a whale spewing out rainbows off the coast of Newport Beach, California, appears online and shakes things up. Mark Girardeau and Jason Anderson caught the rare shot while gathering drone footage on a random afternoon. Whales probably aren’t aware of what’s going on above their heads. When extremely large marine animals come up for air, they expel what they have in their lungs through a blowhole, which causes vapors to appear. As you’re about to find out, this facilitates the actual rainbow. What’s Going on Here? It’s important to point out that the mist does not come from inside the whale. During exhalation, densely humid air from the mammal’s lungs is pushed out quickly....
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