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8 Mar

Michelle Terris Brings Body Positivity To The LA Fashion Scene

Michelle Terris always felt self conscious as a child. Growing up in Southern California, Michelle was fed images from the media that convinced her that her loose arms and extra body fat were something to be ashamed of. Then in 2008, Michelle’s father was diagnosed with ALS - a neurodegenerative disease that causes you to lose control of basic bodily functions. The disease completely changed Michelle’s view of her own body. “After watching my father lose his ability to do everyday things, and then all things, I gained a new perspective on my body image,” Michelle said. “Instead of seeing rolls of fat that needed to be diminished or jiggly arms, I started thinking about all the amazing things my body...
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16 Feb

Founder of Circuit Works Studio explains why your gym resolution will fail

I used to watch celebrities work out. It’s actually less creepy than it sounds. I previously worked for a well-known studio in Santa Monica called Circuit Works - the key word being “studio,” and not “gym,” as Circuit Works only has classes and personal training sessions available. This ain’t your come-and-go, dirty elliptical, grandma’s gym; this is a sleek facility tailored to your specific needs, and I have seen the results not only in Circuit Works’ clientele (famous and non), but also in my own body. Raphael Verela, owner of Circuit Works I spoke with Raphael Verela, the owner and founder of Circuit Works, on what it is about his system that keeps workout fanatics coming back for...
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