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28 Jun

Shooting The Perfect Video Interview

Shooting a video interview is one of the very first skills every budding videographer should learn. Video interviews are a great way to get started with videography and they're a staple in most video pieces. Plus they’re easy to practice - all you need is some basic equipment and a willing interviewee. The Setup The first thing to think about when shooting a video interview is how to set up the shot, which requires some basic equipment most photographers already have - a DSLR camera, a tripod, a mic, two chairs and a light source. You’ll want to place the person you’re interviewing on a chair, where they can sit comfortably for the duration of the interview - there’s nothing worse than...
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20 Jul

Photographer Wes Tarca Talks Storytelling and Inspiration

Wes Tarca’s breathtaking narratives of New York feature the sparkling skylines, penetrating street shots and beckoning portraits that bleed with mystery and inquisition. Visual art has always been part of Wes’ life, and as a child he dreamed of becoming a comic book artist, but life has a way to take you in the direction you’re supposed to go, and as he grew older filmmaking replaced comics, which eventually turned into photography. “I don't remember ever making a choice to get started. I think visual art is just a part of my being - it’s a way for me to express myself. I was never good enough at drawing to be a professional artist, but a camera allows me to tell stories without having to...
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27 May

This Camera Takes Photos Of Your Life So You Don’t Have To

We spoke with Oskar Kalmaru, co-founder and marketing manager for Narrative, at the Wearable World Congress. Narrative is a company that makes a wearable camera called the Narrative Clip that takes photos of your surroundings and uploads them the cloud. In the video above, Kalmaru describes the upgrade made to version 2 and what users will expect to see in the Narrative Clip 2. The wearable camera is one that I would be interested in testing out, as I believe photos do help us remember key moments. What intrigues me most of all is that this camera is designed to automatically snap photos and intelligently sort the photos in the cloud. ...
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19 May

Fitness Trainer Nia Shanks in Perspective: Building Good Habits, Life Philosophy and Fitness Tracking

Nia Shanks is not just any other fitness trainer. She is strong, she is tough, she wants to help other women become their strongest selves by following a simple and sustainable lifestyle. In addition to being a fitness coach for 10+ years with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville, she is also a health and fitness writer who contributes to several online publications, and the torchbearer of the Lift Like a Girl revolution. She hosts the weekly Lift Like a Girl podcast where she inspires women to develop stronger bodies in a healthy way. Nia Shanks definitely walks the talk. Nia shares her philosophy on life and being fit, her inspirations, and on building habits with us. Nia's...
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26 Feb

In Your Bag: Kevin Turner

We caught up with photographer and founder of @JustGoShoot, Kevin Turner. Kevin founded the Instagram account JustGoShoot to expose the often underrated mobile photographer. He opened up to us about his gear, how he uses it and what Instagram has done for photographers. His gear: Canon 6D Canon 5D Canon 35mm f/1.4L Canon 135mm f/2L Sigma 50mm f/1.4 iPhone 5s Olloclip iPad air Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X Yongnuo speed light with flash diffuser Two extra batteries Golla sling camera bag   The 5D is mainly used for head shots, events or wide shots, when I use it with a 50 mm lens. It’s basically a backup camera. The 6D is my main camera that I pretty much shoot everything with, either using my 35mm lens or 135mm lens. My iPhone is the camera I keep in my pocket....
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5 Jan

Photography Profile: Drew Bittel

In honor of Women’s Day, we caught up with family photographer Drew Bittel. We’ve followed her blog, Mom*Tog, for quite some time now and are drawn to her beautiful and lively images. Drew started her own business 9 years ago and it has evolved into a platform for teaching others about photography. Here is was she had to say: When did you get started in photography?  I officially fell in love with photography my senior year of high school, but never imagined I could make a career out of it.  It wasn’t until after I got married and saw my wedding pictures that I realized I wanted to start a business.  I loved not just looking at my pictures, but also being...
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