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18 Sep

How to Stand out on Social Media

There is an overwhelming amount of artists in the world of social media. It might seem absurd to believe that you have a chance to stand out in such an impossibly large crowd. Yet time and time again, new artists emerge out of the endless online cacophony and stun thousands of people. These individuals use neither magical powers nor inaccessible tricks; many of them simply apply their knowledge of social media to their virtual lives, creating irresistible and successful online worlds. Standing out on social media is a skill anyone can learn. All you need is patience, persistence, and a desire to absorb valuable information. Since most of us want to be heard and understood in a way that will influence...
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10 Oct

Create Your Own Photo Filter In Under 10 Minutes

Thanks to Instagram, we all know how big of a difference a filter can make for a photo. Filters can turn average, color pictures into antique, film prints, high definition landscapes or airbrushed portraits. They’re a great option for when you don’t have a lot of time to spend editing, but still want to make a photo look artistic or unique. Unfortunately, the small handful of filters that Instagram offers - the ones we’ve all see over and over again - can feel boring and overused.  But with the help of Photoshop and just a few simple steps, you can create your own personalized filter to apply to your images in less than 10 minutes. Creating your own unique filter will not only add...
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28 Sep

10 Austin Photogs You Need To Follow On Instagram

Austin Texas, or ATX, is a true mecca for creatives, entrepreneurs, students, foodies and musicians. And speaking of musicians, live music is so pervasive in Austin it’s dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World.” However, during my travels I quickly learned that Austinites do not take themselves too seriously - and that’s what keeps the city’s cool factor in check. From the wide spectrum of music, film, and interactive festivals like South By Southwest (SXSW) and the upcoming Austin City Limits, to the plethora of delish restaurants, funky art and cultural scenes, beautiful dog-friendly parks, and even meditation flash mobs, most Austinites agree that ATX is best showcased visually. Here are some of Austin's most innovative photographers (in no particular order)...
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17 Sep

7 Adventure Photographers Who Will Make You Want to Climb a Mountain

adventure photography
Sam Dean Sam Dean’s adventure photography is the type of imagery that will make you want to turn off your phone, pack up your car and spend a weekend on the side of a lake. His photos includes stunning landscape shots of hikers scaling mountains at sunrise and beautiful details of fish and canoes. Sam Dean’s work reminds us of a simpler life - one that doesn’t involve checking our emails or nagging bosses, but rather the times you made the perfect s’more or spent a morning enjoying a cup of coffee from the comfort of a hammock. So take a look at Sam Dean's Instagram feed, then put your phone away and go off on an adventure.  Check out Sam Dean on Instagram here. Martin L. Tartar Martin L. Tartar's...
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24 Aug

7 International Food Photographers Whose Pictures Will Leave You Drooling

@_c2k: _c2k is a food photographer whose studio work is the stuff other photographers strive for. Her images feature a lot of Asian cuisine, all perfectly styled against clean, well-lit, white backgrounds. She shoots most of her images from a straight on, wide angle aerial view, allowing the impeccably placed, bright ingredients to speak for themselves. She doesn’t distract from the beauty of the food with extra props, tools or place settings, which gives the dishes an extra fresh and healthy feel. Scrolling through her Instagram feed will make you want to get adventurous in the kitchen and try out your own dumpling or chicken teriyaki recipe. Check out _c2k on Instagram here. María C: María C is a food blogger and photographer whose...
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19 Aug

Danielle Pottberg: Accidental Photographer and Dream Advocate

Life can throw us for quite a curveball sometimes. There are paths we never consider that we can find ourselves on, and end up thriving by taking a chance and going down them. Danielle Pottberg can certainly attest. While attending the Rhode Island School of Design to study art, photography was the last thing on her mind. In fact, she would only pick up a camera to document her art work. Art was her passion; photography was merely a tool to document it. During her thesis presentation on textiles, an outside critic looked at her photographs and told her that she should look into photography instead. Ouch. "At the time, I was insulted," Pottberg recalled. "Why focus on the photographs and...
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2 Aug

Instagram Introduces Snapchat-Inspired Stories Feature

In the increasingly competitive social media market, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook reign as the top three networks used by young people. With Snapchat rolling out new features on a pretty regular basis, Facebook-owned Instagram has been struggling to keep up on quite the same level. Cue the announcement of Instagram Stories. With fewer features than Snapchat Stories, but essentially a clone-copy, Instagram Stories allows users to post photo and video stories that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram co-founder and chief executive Kevin Systrom expressed interest in creating Instagram Stories to act as a place where users can post and share all their daily life moments that they might not deem "special" enough for their more curated Instagram feed and as something to...
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25 Jul

7 Travel Photographers Who Will Make You Want to See the World

Marco Fardin Marco Fardin is an Italian wedding, family and travel photographer who has captured beautiful images of cities all over Europe. His epic, wide angle shots feature a unique perspective on some of the world’s most famous monuments, as well as spotlighting sights that are lesser known. His photography explodes with bright, vibrant colors and strong contrast. Marco is skilled at including movement into his images - whether it be a bird flying over a cathedral, the silhouette of a person walking into a frame or a truck driving over a bridge. This added motion brings even more life to these historically rich locations. Check out his Instagram here. Beautelicieuse Johannah is a Germany-based visual storyteller whose work is inspired by tones. Her...
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18 Jul

Does Snapchat’s New Memories Feature Defeat the Purpose of Snapchat?

The big, fresh and shiny update for Snapchat hit mobile users recently, and the talk of the town is the new Memories feature. Memories allows you to save photos and videos you take within Snapchat into a photo album within the app, edit and send them solo or grouped together at a later time and even upload photos and videos from your phone’s camera roll into the Snapchat Memories bank so you can Snapchat-ify them and publish them to your Story. Reaction to this new update has been mixed and lukewarm – I fall firmly on the opposed side, as I think Memories blows up the premise of what makes Snapchat so unique in the social media image sharing landscape....
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19 May

10 Tips for Taking Viral, Instagrammable Dog Photos

News flash: celebrity dogs, from toothy Tuna to bear-like Boo, have conquered the Internet. In fact, they have managed to trump what was once widely regarded as the Internet's mascot: cats. The proof: Dogs are googled twice as often as cats, and crush YouTube with approximately 18 million videos - five million more than their feline counterparts. On social media, 5,600 dog-related Facebook pages and 240,000 tweets go live every day. According to researchers at Manhattanville College in New York, dog owners are also happier than cat owners. Furthermore, neuroscientist Paul Zak has “proven” that dogs love their owners more than cats, so it’s no wonder that 36.5 percent of Americans own a dog. After all, the human-canine relationship is loving and...
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