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23 Feb

The Ins and Outs of Drone Real Estate Photography

As we witness multiple industries benefit from the application of drones, one vertical that has really boomed is real estate photography. With realtors looking for various ways to capture acres of land, drones took the forefront in providing ease and accessibility, and various uses including: Capturing aerial views of property and land Scoping out neighborhood and surrounding area for amenities Property maps and surveys Outer terrain and geographic developments This complete guide will outline the necessities and overall how-to's to become familiar with aerial real estate photography and uses drones for commercial purposes. Using Drones Makes Aerial Imaging Affordable Prior to drones, aerial photos for real estate was captured using either a plane or helicopter, which would cost thousands of dollars. In addition, time and space...
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2 Feb

4 Most Popular Drone Uses For Aerial Photography

Whether you're an established photographer with years of experience or just starting out and learning the basics, aerial photography is undoubtedly in the future of the industry. The ability to capture angles and shots that were largely unachievable has made drones an incredibly popular instrument for a number of different forms of photography. Below are some of the most popular uses and the best drones with tips on how to shoot stunning aerial images. Wedding Photo & Video Production Due to the once in a lifetime singularity of wedding photography, there is a ton of pressure to get the perfect shots. Every couple wants their wedding to be special and documenting those precious moments bares a challenging task. In addition to the standard,...
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22 Jul

DJI’s Zenmuse Z3 Is the First Aerial Zoom Camera for Drones

Attention aerial photography and drone enthusiasts! Does DJI have a brand spanking new product to get you all giddy. The premier drone-maker has announced the impending launch of the Zenmuse Z3, their first aerial zoom camera for drones that is tailor-made for aerial still photography. With the ability to zoom in up to a whopping 7x, thanks to both a 2x digital zoom and 3.5x optical zoom, and the ability to shoot 12 megapixel photos and 4K video at 30fps, Zenmuse Z3 packs a wallop for any camera, especially one that can be equipped to a drone. The Zenmuse Z3 zoom technology was made possible thanks to recent advancements in DJI’s stabilization tech, complementing a drone’s sparse movements and magnifying...
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25 Apr

DJI Inspire 1 Review

In an age filled with selfies, Snapchat and Instagram, adventurists and photographers are looking for any edge they can find to capture that perfect shot or video. Up until now, photography has primarily been taken on the ground with both feet firmly planted. But who says that should stop us for reaching for the stars, or more realistically, the clouds in the sky? That’s where the DJI Inspire 1 comes into play; this drone is a photographer's, videographer's and hobbyist's dream come true. Pros The Inspire 1 is revolutionary - not only does it allow you to take 12MP stills and film in 4K, but users can also dual link two controllers so that while one person controls the drone's movement, another...
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6 Jan

DJI’s Geofencing System Prevents You from Snooping Around Restricted Areas

Drone regulations are coming into full swing, and major manufacturers are showing their support for the controversial rulings. Recently, DJI announced a new way to help accommodate the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) views on best practices for drones. The group launched a new system called GeoSpatial Environment Online (GEO) that warns users about restricted locations, like Washington D.C. and airports. Secure facilities, such as prisons and power plants, are also included on the no-fly list. When implemented, the feature will prevent a UAV from taking off in secure spaces. Drone owners will also receive updates for temporary restricted areas like stadium events and forest fires. “DJI invented geofencing over two years ago and now continues its industry leadership by balancing enhanced...
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23 Dec

DJI Opens Flagship Drone Store

DJI drone store
It was only a matter of time before drones reached the level of popularity and ubiquity they’ve obtained in 2015 to merit the desire and demand for a retail store catering to drones and drones alone. Thankfully for drone lovers everywhere, DJI, the Chinese technology company and world leader in all things drones and quadcopters, has launched its first flagship drone store in China. Coming in at a whopping 8,600 square feet and constructed with an alluring combination of glass and metal, the DJI store resembles a giant UAV, almost like a temple or shrine commemorating and celebrating all things drone. The company’s base in Shenzhen is also home to the store, which features a high-ceiling testing area for all types...
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