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19 Jun

Create a Stunning Black and White Image in Lightroom

The digital age of photography is all about color, but there’s no denying the beautiful simplicity of black and white. You don’t need to shoot film or set your digital camera to black and white in order to achieve bold, desaturated images. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to take a color image and turn it into a striking black and white picture in Lightroom. This effect works best with landscapes or images that already have strong contrast and clean lines, as well as portraits if you're going for a more serious, moody tone.  Start by opening a color image in Lightroom. At the top of the editing box, click Black and White to remove the saturation from the picture. If you’re...
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9 Sep

Goodbye Photobombs: New Software Detects Distracting Elements in Images… and Removes Them

Photobombs are unavoidable. Sometimes it’s a random passerby furiously ducking out of the way or a dog jumping in front of the camera trying to get in the shot. To help get rid of annoying distractions after a photo has been taken, scientists from Adobe and Princeton University created a platform that automatically removes stray elements in photos. Defusing Photobombs with Algorithms The first obstacle that developers had to overcome was teaching the platform to detect the right elements for removal. To achieve this, algorithms scan the unedited sample for inconsistencies, such as a change in tone or lighting. Naturally, the complex method is very meticulous. With hopes to increase success rates, scientists went through roughly 1,073 images from Amazon's Mechanical Turk system to better...
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