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23 Feb

The Ins and Outs of Drone Real Estate Photography

As we witness multiple industries benefit from the application of drones, one vertical that has really boomed is real estate photography. With realtors looking for various ways to capture acres of land, drones took the forefront in providing ease and accessibility, and various uses including: Capturing aerial views of property and land Scoping out neighborhood and surrounding area for amenities Property maps and surveys Outer terrain and geographic developments This complete guide will outline the necessities and overall how-to's to become familiar with aerial real estate photography and uses drones for commercial purposes. Using Drones Makes Aerial Imaging Affordable Prior to drones, aerial photos for real estate was captured using either a plane or helicopter, which would cost thousands of dollars. In addition, time and space...
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30 Jul

Extreme Tetris: Zhouda Builds Two-story Modular Home in Three Hours

Zhouda project
In the time it takes for you to watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, a housing company in China can build three, two-story houses. Zhouda, the firm responsible for setting the new benchmark for 3D-printed homes, accomplished the impossible feat in front of a live audience using pre-made parts from a factory. The construction group also claims that the shelter can last over 150 years and withstand devastating, high-magnitude earthquakes. Strong, Mysterious Materials Were Used Installation for the home started with the living room. This area was laid down first as a foundation for the other sections of the model. Next, the bedroom, kitchen and first floor bathroom were added. The second floor components, which were installed last, included a bedroom, utility...
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