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8 May

How To Shoot and Edit Pro Interior Design Shots With Lightroom

Whether you're shooting for a restaurant, hotel or someone's personal home, interior design photography can be a great way for photographers to make money and become better known within the photo and business communities. Interior design photography might seem simple - there are generally no moving elements and you're free to manipulate the space as you wish. But there are a few common mistakes beginners make, and easy ways to avoid them. It's a common misconception that large, interior spaces need as wide of a lens as possible. Although a wide lens is helpful, it's not necessary and can sometimes be a detriment to the image. Most lenses that are wider than 24mm on most camera bodies will create a distorted, fish-eye effect. This...
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19 Aug

Top 5 Mixing Equipment to Add to Your Arsenal of DJ Tools

For serious DJs, taking your mixing game to the next level requires new equipment. Check out our top five selections of this year’s must-have tools for the modern musician. 1. Pioneer DJM-900NXS The Pioneer DJM-900NXS is the successor of the legendary DJM-800 mixer. The four-channel unit can be used across multiple genres, ranging from electronica to hip-hop. There are three EQs per channel that controls the low, mid and high. Beat effects have been updated extensively compared to the previous model. There is now a space and a frequency setting for reverbs. Spiral is a new addition that sounds like a looped tape delay. USB and mic slots are easily accessible through the front of the mixer, away from the switches and knobs. 2. Livid Minim...
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12 Jul

The Concrete Jungle Is About To Get A Little Greener With The World’s Largest Passive House

The Concrete Jungle is about to get a little bit greener with the world’s tallest passive house tower in the works -- but only if the building can meet the strict passive house requirements. According to the Passivhaus Institut in Germany, the passive house is not a brand name, but rather a building standard, designation and philosophy. In order for a building to be deemed a passive house, it must consume 90 percent less heating energy than the average building. This can be achieved by installing special windows and a shell of thermal insulation in the exterior walls and in the paneling of the roofs and floors. New York City’s passive house residence hall is being built for Cornell Tech’s new campus...
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