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8 May

How To Shoot and Edit Pro Interior Design Shots With Lightroom

Whether you're shooting for a restaurant, hotel or someone's personal home, interior design photography can be a great way for photographers to make money and become better known within the photo and business communities. Interior design photography might seem simple - there are generally no moving elements and you're free to manipulate the space as you wish. But there are a few common mistakes beginners make, and easy ways to avoid them. It's a common misconception that large, interior spaces need as wide of a lens as possible. Although a wide lens is helpful, it's not necessary and can sometimes be a detriment to the image. Most lenses that are wider than 24mm on most camera bodies will create a distorted, fish-eye effect. This...
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21 Jul

Target Open House is the Most Futuristic Home You’ve Seen Since Disney Channel’s “Smart House”

Target Open House is a must see for anyone who loves IKEA, the Disney Channel Original Movie “Smart House” and the future of home furnishing. This part lab, part retail space and part meeting venue opened on July 10 in San Francisco’s Metreon shopping center, and is a destination for art and tech lovers alike. The 3,500 square foot acrylic house features all sorts of “connected” technology, otherwise known as The Internet of Things. The idea is to connect everyday household items -- like thermostats, lamps and coffee makers -- to the internet for a more personalized and efficient living situation. “Putting a house in the space, we felt, was the most relatable and welcoming way to introduce these products,” said Todd...
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