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29 Mar

4 Awesome Things to Do With a GoPro Karma

The GoPro Karma is finally back on sale after being on recall for nearly 3 months! With fixes to their battery compartment, GoPro has now ensured that its Karma drone is fully functional and ready to hit the skies "flying." With GoPro being the founding father of action adventure camera equipment, it was only logical for them to expand to the skies. Here are some neat feats you can accomplish with the GoPro Karma. Grab N' Go Photo via BlessThisStuff The Karma was built on the simple GoPro idea of making the world's most versatile camera. Whether it be on the ground or the air, the Karma was meant for situations where you want to capture an amazing shot....
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2 Feb

4 Most Popular Drone Uses For Aerial Photography

Whether you're an established photographer with years of experience or just starting out and learning the basics, aerial photography is undoubtedly in the future of the industry. The ability to capture angles and shots that were largely unachievable has made drones an incredibly popular instrument for a number of different forms of photography. Below are some of the most popular uses and the best drones with tips on how to shoot stunning aerial images. Wedding Photo & Video Production Due to the once in a lifetime singularity of wedding photography, there is a ton of pressure to get the perfect shots. Every couple wants their wedding to be special and documenting those precious moments bares a challenging task. In addition to the standard,...
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6 Oct

Top 5 Action Camera Gear Items for Extreme Filmmakers

Leave your smartphones at home. Today’s action filmmakers rely on hardcore gear that can withstand harsh weather, rough handling and hours of intense shooting. That’s why we’ve compiled a handful of tried-and-tested tools of the trade that will help you take your action shots to extreme levels. GoPro Hero+ Wi-Fi Camera First up, you'll need a sturdy action camera. Lucky for you, GoPro just released the new Hero+ Wi-Fi. The latest addition to the brand’s line shoots with a quality of 1080p and 720p at 60 frames per second (eight megapixels for photos and time-lapse footage). Waterproof housing ensures the robust camera keeps rolling in depths as low as 40m. Even newer and half the size of the GoPro Hero4 is the...
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14 Jul

GoPro Hero4 Session: It’s Tiny, Durable and Waterproof

GoPro Hero4 Session on platform
The GoPro family is about to get bigger with the new Hero4 Session camera. It’s nothing like the other devices on the company’s widely popular lineup. “With HERO4 Session, we challenged ourselves to produce the smallest, lightest, most convenient GoPro possible,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO. “HERO4 Session combines the best of our engineering and user-experience know-how to deliver our most convenient life-capture solution, yet. I’m so excited about the launch of HERO4 Session because now I can finally use mine in public!” Read on to find out if the smallest addition to the GoPro series is right for you. Is It Too Small? GoPro’s latest offering is tiny. It’s 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the Hero4 Black and Silver....
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25 Apr

3DR Solo: Harness The Power Of The World’s Smartest Drone

When it comes to UAV development, the past few years were all about power. Now companies are pushing the limits of drone intelligence. Users want full control, flexible maneuverability and smart features, which is exactly what the 3DR Solo offers. “What our users really want is great shots. They want professional tools that enable them to get those shots easily and consistently, right out of the box. Solo delivers on this promise: You get the shot, every time,” said Colin Guinn, Chief Revenue Officer of 3DR. Effortless Flying The quad’s smart features makes flying low risk and incredibly easy. An interactive flight stimulator mode lets users practice before attempting aerial tricks in live environments. Getting the drone in the air requires minimal effort....
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