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6 Mar

Know Your Worth: A Breakdown On How To Price Your Photo Services

One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is figuring out how to price the goods and services you offer. You don't want to undersell yourself and devalue the market, but overpricing and scaring off potential clients is just as dangerous. Pricing similar to the competition is a good place to start, but since what you're offering is presumably not exactly the same, the prices shouldn't be either. That's why we've compiled this guide that will break down everything you need to know about pricing. The first thing to remember is that your pricing shouldn't be exactly the same as the competition's, just as your services aren't exactly the same. While it's good to compare pricing, it's also important to have a strong...
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31 May

Are we working too hard, and spending too much REAL money on virtual goods?

Yesterday, I came home from a long day at work, changed into comfortable clothes and proceeded to boot up my PS4. After searching through Netflix for something to watch, I came across a show entitled “Black Mirror.” Being from the States, I hadn’t heard of this show but after learning it’s premise, I was intrigued. This show presents a new story each episode, questioning whether or not technology can ruin our lives. Now stick with me, if you are on this site at all, you are probably just as fond of your tech toys as I am. But as I watched Episode two of this series entitled “15 Million Merits” I was disturbed on various levels, and forced to question...
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