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16 Jul

Airobotics Airbase Is a Battery-Swapping Landing Platform That Keeps Drones Constantly Flying

If drones have a blatant Achilles’ heel, it’s their relatively meager battery lives, which provide, if generous, somewhere in the range of a half hour of flight time before they need to come back down to Earth for a recharge. Let’s face it – there’s really not a whole lot you can accomplish in under 30 minutes, beyond just zipping around trees and maybe taking a few photos. Realizing the sheer detriment of this issue, Airobotics has developed a landing platform for drones that will instantly swap out the aircraft’s battery, serving as a brief pit-stop, rather than a full-blown recharging session, for drones so they can quickly continue hovering amongst the clouds in the sky. The Israeli startup developed this...
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7 Jan

Wood Is the Hottest New Material for Tech Devices

Wooden tech
There’s no denying the usefulness and, in some cases, downright utter coolness of many tech devices and gadgets flooding the market these days. But the metal and plastic that is used to create most isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, or friendly to our fragile environment. In attempts to combat both the appearance plague and the environmentally detrimental plague of many devices, tech companies are turning to an old-school material to add a little style and sustainability to tech gadgets: wood. Not only does wood provide a clean, more natural look to most gadgets, but it’s an undeniably green material. Biodegradable and sustainable, wooden products are also mostly made from other recycled materials. Since the lifespan of many products is shortened thanks...
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9 Dec

Intel’s IoT House Previews the Home of the Future in a Tiny Space

Everyone is raving about smart homes. In the future, houses will function the same way you use computers and smartphones. Designers from all walks of life have released their take on IoT (Internet of Things) environments. Such elaborate displays of non-existent technology have sprouted unrealistic standards for modern homes. The reality is, the pad of the future won’t look like anything from The Jetsons. Intel, a leading semiconductor technology firm, is here to set the record straight about smart living. The group launched a project to show people how an IoT-laced home really functions. And no, you won’t be able to turn a small nugget into a whole pan pizza like in Back to the Future. We’re just not there yet. Will...
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9 Dec

The Ultimate Holiday Tech Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for gadget hungry techies. From the latest wearables to top-notch cameras to eardrum bursting headphones, there are a cornucopia of options to choose from and keep in mind when shopping for that special techie. Who says these have to be gifts for others? What better time to treat yourself to some brand spanking new tech than during the holidays? We here at The Toggle and Lumoid decided to make it easy on you, because the holidays are already stressful enough what with travelling and family and pretending to like grandma’s fruit cake. For your shopping expeditions, we present the ultimate holiday tech gift guide. Photography & Imaging Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant...
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2 Dec

Top Five 4K Gadgets You Need to Have for the Holiday Season

Nothing screams quality like 4K. Companies are pumping the technology in almost every gadget you can think of, from traditional televisions to questionable smartphones. If you’re planning on treating yourself with a 4K device this holiday season, get your wallets ready and check out the list below. DJI Osmo Steadicam DJI, the leading drone company responsible for most of those eye-catching aerial shots on YouTube, stepped out of its comfort zone to deliver a 12 megapixel 4K camera. Called the Osmo, the device features a 1/2.3″ sensor and a sharp, field-of-view lens. The steadicam's three-axis gimbal is designed for outdoor films and shaky hands, which translates to smooth, professional looking shots. Memento Smart Frame The Memento Smart Frame is the perfect home accessory for...
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26 Nov

Can a New Update Make Bluetooth Less Annoying?

The days of helplessly waving your smartphone around could finally be over. Connectivity services like Bluetooth are essential to daily living due to the fact that most of our every day gadgets rely on them. Unfortunately, the technology is far from perfect. Sometimes it insists that your devices aren’t around even if the two are next to each other. Quickly toggling the option just makes the problem worse, usually resulting in a whirlwind of confusion. After endless requests from users worldwide, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is finally doing something about the lack of functionality. "There is significant demand from our members and the industry at large to enhance Bluetooth with the new capabilities we're announcing today. Current projections put...
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3 Nov

A Complete Transaction with Nothing But Sound Waves? Welcome to the Future of Shopping

Apple Pay now allows you to make payments wirelessly just by tapping your smartphone on a POS terminal. MasterCard is developing a system that verifies transactions using selfies. And of course there’s the blockchain, a new way of clearing money transfers that banks are racing to capitalize on. All of these initiatives push the boundaries of the industry, but they aren’t revolutionary. Sure, the technologies enhance the way we transact with our favorite brands and bring a new level of convenience to the cashless movement. But at the end of the day, that’s all they are: enhancements. For a complete disruptive experience, businesses are turning to Soundpays. The Toronto-based startup has created a new way to authenticate and initiate payments using sound waves. Its...
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5 Aug

Five Alarming Signs Technology Is Taking over Your Life

technology ruin
Do your fingers get the shakes when your smartphone isn’t in your hand? Read on to find out if your insatiable appetite for technology is doing more harm than good. 1. You check your phone notifications in the middle of the night Most people have valid reasons for getting up in the middle of the night. Some take short trips to the bathroom. While others check their phone notifications. Turning off your handheld device may not always be an option (especially for work). But that doesn’t mean you have to respond to every buzz and ring. If technology is robbing you of a full night’s sleep, it might be time for a digital detox session. 2. Living in the moment has no meaning Creating...
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26 Jul

The Nana Bed Monitor Is Your Sleep Coach

Sleep in office
Having trouble sleeping at night? There are tons of apps that can help optimize your nightly rest patterns. Most digital platforms bombard you with complex metrics- information that only makes sense to doctors and specialists. Now there’s a smart device that not only churns out loads of personalized sleep data, but more importantly, also tells you how to use it. “Nana is the only contactless sleep sensor that can give you second-by-second analysis of your heart rate and breathing for highly accurate sleep monitoring,” said founder Mah Chern Wern. “Nana’s app will provide tailored suggestions for improving sleep, based on your personal sleep patterns. For example, if Nana detects that you take a longer than average time to fall asleep, it might tell...
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20 Jul

Mimic the Weather Using This Realistic, Portable Forecast Stimulator

Tempescope on desk, mist
Weather apps are great, but those pixelated raindrops may not be enough to persuade you to bring an umbrella when the forecast calls for it. What if, instead of boring weather animation, you saw a physical dark cloud dropping water bombs in a small, clear box? That’ll surely make you reconsider. If you attended the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) trade show in Japan, you might have seen an ambient, robust weather device called the Tempescope. Brew a Storm Inside a Small Weather Box The Tempescope is the most realistic weather forecast machine you can get your hands on. Created by Ken Kawamoto, a Google Engineer who likes to invent things on the weekends, the device displays a range of visually appealing outdoor conditions....
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