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2 Oct

Turn Your Digital Photos to Film with a Pop of Color

Do you want to achieve that antique, film-like quality without emptying your wallet on expensive rolls of film or spending hours in a darkroom? Well, all you really need is Photoshop and a digital camera! With a few simple steps, you can create images that look like they just came fresh out of a tub of developer. This tutorial will teach you not only how to create that old school, grainy film effect in Photoshop, but how to also add a splash of color using just a few basic tools. Bright colors can really make a photo pop, but sometimes too much color within a photo can be distracting. Turning a color photo black and white and then bringing some of the color back...
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2 Mar

Tips for Shooting Spring Flowers

We asked our friends over at Washington Photo Safari to give us some tips on shooting those beautiful Spring blooms. They offer a variety Cherry Blossom classes, in the DC area, in honor of the popular Cherry Blossom Festival in the Spring. Here is what instructor E. David Luria said about capturing the best shot: What is the best time of day to shoot? Early morning or late afternoon (the golden hour) is always the best time to shoot flowers, or any other subjects. With the sun low in the sky, the light is softer. The photographer can lie down on the ground and get the sun shining through the flower or blossom petals, it makes a nice effect. Flowers should be done in the...
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