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28 Sep

Studies Prove Fitness Trackers Do Indeed Work

This should come as a huge sigh of relief to anyone who’s shelled out a few hundred bucks for a fitness tracker – multiple studies have proven that the devices actually deliver on their promise of keeping their wearers active and fit. A recent case study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that fitness trackers and health apps are adept at bettering one’s overall fitness. The authors culled information from more than 224 different medical and health studies that examined the relationship between the usage of fitness trackers and positive changes in one’s lifestyle. Whether it boiled down to fitness, diet or cutting out bad habits like smoking, the result was always the same: using fitness trackers...
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27 Sep

Misfit Releases Hundreds of Customization Options for Their Wearables

Misfit Shine 2
If style, aesthetic and fashion forwardness are what you’re looking for in a wearable, then there is no better brand to meet those needs than Misfit. Misfit’s Ray and Shine 2 wearables were already known as a pair of chic, good-looking wearables with designs that proved that wearables and fashion could definitely go hand-in-hand. Rather than launch another wearable to their line, they’ve decided to go another route: introducing hundreds of stylish, colorful customization options for their existing wearables. Let’s break down the expansive options of each one: Misfit Ray Misfit Ray is Misfit’s newer wearable on the block, the precocious kid that segued away from the circular shape of many past Misfit devices to become something uniquely its own. Ray’s...
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16 Sep

Fitbit Bonanza! All the Latest Upgrades from the Fitness Tracking Behemoth

new Fitbit products
When Fitbit wants to make a splash, they create a tsunami. That’s the only way to describe the gigantic announcement the fitness tracker company unveiled recently, detailing tons of new products, upgrades, accessories and sneak peeks of what’s coming soon. In fact, there’s so much to wade through that we could conceivably make a separate post for every single thing Fitbit announced. However, for the sake of brevity and your time, we’ve compiled all the standout moments and highlights from Fitbit’s latest announcement into one handy post (you’re welcome!). Scroll below to see all the latest and greatest from Fitbit. Fitbit Blaze and Alta Go Gold Gold – you either love it or hate it. As it turns out, many have...
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12 Sep

Moov Now Gets Nifty Hardware and Software Upgrades

Moov Now
Moov Now is a wearable and fitness tracker that pretty much covers all of your bases – it’s a multi-sport device that offers fitness and activity tracking, analyzes and coaches you on your form thanks to 3D technology, talks to you while you workout like your little buddy and is a quirky looking, water and dust proof accessory to rock around your wrist. Simply put, you can’t really go wrong with Moov Now when looking for a quality fitness tracker. That rings more true than ever thanks to recent software and hardware updates. Prepare for your Moov Now workouts to get better than ever before now that the company is integrating them with MapMyFitness and Strava. That’s right, now your workouts...
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10 Sep

Withings Announces Their Super Sleek Steel HR Smartwatches

Withings Steel HR
Withings has always had an eye for good-looking smartwatches, boasting some of the more colorful and quirky models out there. Their latest, the Steel HR smartwatch, is something else entirely. The sleek, suave, minimalist design screams modernity and sophistication. Seriously, this is a smartwatch that James Bond himself would rock like a pro and still maintain his effortless, polished look. Withings has outdone themselves with the Steel HR, creating a smartwatch that mirrors the finest looking watches you can buy. For starters, you’ve got the stainless steel casing, which establishes the sleekness of the watch, followed by a silicone strap and chrome hands that just ooze class. The black and white color options progress the modern, minimalist feel Withings is going...
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18 Aug

World’s Top Athletes Use These Wearables in Efforts to Claim Gold

Just because one may be a naturally gifted athlete doesn’t mean they don’t need a little help getting there. Raw talent can only go so far without the discipline and training necessary to hone it. So, it should come as no surprise that some of the world’s top athletes use a variety of wearables and fitness trackers, not to enhance their performance (that would be cheating, boy and girls), but to train, monitor their bodies and set fitness goals. Whether they’re out on the field, in a stadium, on the road, in the water or at the gym, here are the wearables that are helping some athletes take the gold. Vert Wearable Jump Monitor When someone asks you to jump, you can...
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10 Aug

Philips Joins the Wearable Race with Family of Medical Grade Fitness Devices

Philips wearables
The latest company to throw its hat into the wearables arena is Philips, which recently unveiled a host of medical grade  aimed at offering some high-tech alternatives to the Fitbits of the world. However, rather than target that ever popular and hungry millennial demo, Philips is going after an older generation with their line of wearables, placing more stock in substance over flash. Philips debuted five FDA-approved devices at once, which include a health watch, a wrist blood pressure monitor, an upper arm blood pressure monitor, a body analysis scale and an ear thermometer. These five gadgets are but a tease for what’s to come, with Philips promising a larger line of smart medical grade fitness devices down the road. In...
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9 Aug

4 Trending Workouts and Fitness Trackers You Need to Try

These days, new fitness methods and routines are popping up faster than you can blink. While some of them are pretty grueling, depending on your choice of exercise, working out can actually be fun and engaging. Instead of dreading your daily or weekly workout, these on-trend workouts can help you look forward to sweating it out and moving towards your goals (which you'll be tracking of course!). Check out four of the coolest new workout styles and the wearables you can use to record your progress: 1. Aerial Yoga When you attend an aerial yoga class, you'll be using a set of fabric slings hanging from the ceiling or external apparatus to complete all those bendy moves. While suspended in the air, you will work through...
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3 Aug

Styr Labs Makes Nutritional Supplements Out of Fitness Tracker Data

Styr Labs
So, you’ve got a fitness tracker and you’re meticulously working on your fitness and monitoring the data your handy wearable provides you – great! But wouldn’t it be even better if something tangible could come from all this fitness data you’re collecting? That’s where Styr Labs comes in! By focusing on the key metric of nutrition, which many wearables and fitness trackers omit in their analytics, Styr Labs has developed a method of converting the information and data from wearable fitness devices into personalized nutritional supplements. Ensuring that what you eat is good for you is just as important to overall fitness, and Styr Labs is on a mission to literally supplement that lack of focus on nutrition in the...
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2 Aug

Fitness Mistakes Everyone Makes and Simple Solutions to Solve Them

There are mistakes we've all made when it comes to working out - like thinking we're doing the right thing but we're actually harming our bodies. Whether it's the way we're doing a certain workout move or exercising while dehydrated, it's unfortunately easy to do. Thankfully, there are wearables to save the day. Here are 5 fitness mistakes almost everyone makes, and fitness trackers to help you avoid creating those problems. Mistake #1: You don't reach your target heart rate while working out. Why it matters: In order to see the best results from an aerobic workout, you must achieve at least 55 to 80% of your maximum heart rate for at least a half hour. If your average heart rate during your workout falls below...
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