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7 Sep

How To Create a Drone Shot List

There’s a lot more to filming great footage with your drone than just your operating and photography skills. Capturing the perfect shot requires quite a bit of back work from finding a beautiful destination to understanding the region from fluctuations in the weather to crowds and accessible places to get the best view. Here is a to-do list before before heading out to shoot with your drone. Scope Out the Area  The first thing you need to do is to plan out the area you’ll be filming in and get familiar with it. First, check on AirMap to make sure that the airspace you want to fly in is legal. Once you have confirmed that, you’ll want to locate a safe spot that...
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24 Aug

Let’s Talk Frames Per Second For Drone Filming

Frames per second (fps), also referred to as frame rate, is the rate at which images are displayed in a video. It’s important you understand this concept as a videographer, so here’s some info on it and how it pertains to filming with your drone. Understanding Frame Rate As we briefly mentioned, the frame rate is the frequency that consecutive images are displayed in a video. A video is just many still images moving rapidly, which tricks our brain into thinking they are moving. The frame rate is described by frames per second (fps). For example, 30 fps means that there are 30 still images being displayed every second in the video. There are several different frame rates, all with their own pros...
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16 Feb

A Complete How To Guide For Filming with Drones

There's nothing quite like aerial shots, especially with drones. The freedom to be able to capture angles from high above, off a cliff, or in the thick of the moment is unquestionably a major draw for filmmakers. As drones become a prominent tool in photography and film, certain techniques are required to capture specific shots. We've put together tips for 5 different kinds of shots including the Fly-by, the Reveal, the Chase, the High-Pan, and the Explorer (roaming shots). The fly-by is a type of shot where the camera flies by or over a scene. In the video below starting at 0:15 seconds, you see the operator set up on top of the shot and fly over the moving subjects. The trick with...
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10 Jan

The Best Surprises of CES 2017

Creatives, dabblers, fitness junkies, and experimenters have had another field day at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you're unfamiliar, CES is a sort of technological World's Fair - just without the monolithic feats of architecture. Held in a convention center in Las Vegas, tech companies - and non-tech companies that want to do tech things - converge at CES to show the world not just a new product, but their philosophy of how people like you an me will use technology in the future. Sometimes that future is just days away. Other times it's a decade away. No matter what, CES is filled with exciting gadgets, nostalgic throwbacks, and cutting edge tech that people like you and me...
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9 Jan

Give Your Photo A Polaroid Effect in Less Than Five Minutes

2016 was the year of the drone and high definition DSLR cameras. Yet something about antique, Polaroid pictures - with their pink and yellow hues and washed out tones has a huge appeal for photographers. Just look at Instagram, with its antique style filters and, until recently, mandatory square crop. We love the look of an old school, Polaroid image, but we don't always have the time or resources to produce an authentic picture on Polaroid film. And when it comes to digital photography, sometimes you want to add a simple, creative effect to an image, but don't have hours to spend tweaking every aspect of your picture in Photoshop. With this tutorial, you can can create a lovely Polaroid effect in under five minutes. Start by...
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2 May

Iconic Movie Wearables Tech Firms Should Invest In

Captain America: Civil War
If you’re a sci-fi nerd like a lot of other techies, your childhood was probably filled with hours upon hours of watching films like Star Wars, Back to the Future (I, II, and III) and Ghostbusters to name a popular few. You’ve also probably daydreamed about having your own spy watch or jet pack. Hopefully, these futuristic wearables are on the horizon - we do have the Apple watch, after all, which even the haters have to admit is similar to some spy gear James Bond would rock. Here’s a list of wearables from some of the most iconic sci-fi films that tech firms should invest in, like now. Back to the Future Hoverboard It may not technically be a “wearable,” but...
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13 Apr

Why Shooting in Black and White Will Make You a Better Photographer

In the age of digital photography, HDR and increasingly saturated images, shooting in black and white might seem like an antiquated technique reserved only for film cameras and Ansel Adams. But shooting in black and white is one of the most beneficial methods for improving as a photographer. It forces you to pay closer attention to the subject you’re shooting, rather than relying on bright, flashy colors to carry the image. Photography is an art form that revolves around light. As photographers, we go where the light goes. This is even more so the case when you’re shooting in black and white. With black and white photography, it’s the light and the shadows, not the colors, that will make or...
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14 Mar

Get Ready For Spring Weddings + Up To 20% Off

  The more photo gear you rent, the more you save! Use code: HELLOSPRING from now until March 21st. BRAND NEW WEDDING KITS KIT DESCRIPTIONS Canon Second Shooter Wedding Kit Designed with the second shooter in mind, this kit offers a Canon 6D Full Frame camera body, 16-35mm f/2.8 lens and Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 and a combination to capture every moment as it happens. An added bonus for portability is the included Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag and SD/CF Card Pouch, helping you stay organized on the go. The Canon Cinema Wedding Kit Let your creativity soar with The Canon Cinema Wedding kit. Jam packed with some heavy hitters, you can capture stunning 4K aerial footage with the DJI Phantom 3 and get unparalleled video and sound quality with the...
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11 Jan

Kodak Embraces Nostalgia by Relaunching Iconic Super 8 Camera

Even if you're not old enough to remember using one, you've probably seen the iconic Super 8 camera. It was the focus of J.J. Abrams's film Super 8, which is a cult classic among cinephiles. Packed into a rectangle a few VHS's wide, the Super 8 camera was the epitome of portable videography, and kickstarted the careers of many amateur filmmakers like Abrams himself. When it launched in 1965 from Kodak, the film camera was revolutionary. Finally people could experiment with filmmaking on their own time and actually carry around the necessary equipment. Over time, the Super 8 camera (named after the kind of film it used known today for its vintage, textured look) faded away into irrelevance as cheaper cameras...
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8 Jan

Nikon Looks Forward with D500 and Goes Traditional with the D5

With smartphones dominating the photography market, taking up most of the headlines, and eating into the sales of traditional cameras, amateur photographers have split into two groups: the people who want to take snapshots and the people who want to be professionals. Nikon has taken notice and has a strategy to appeal to both of these markets with two new cameras. Announced at CES this year, Nikon's latest offering have one foot in the present and one in the future. One is aimed at being easy to use and is decidedly aimed at people who are constantly connected. The other is a traditional tour de force of photography prowess that should be on the wishlists of many professionals. Respectively, they're called...
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