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14 Mar

Amazon’s Delivery Drones Spotted at SXSW

The annual conference and festival South by Southwest (SXSW) celebrated the convergence of the film and music last week. With interviews ranging from Buzz Aldrin to established singer T.I., it was an eventful week filled with great people and great food! One of the biggest attractions was the sighting of Amazon's  long awaited delivery drones. The e-commerce giant unveiled two of its Prime Air drones in Austin, Texas this past week. Being the first time ever displayed to the general public, crowds gathered to feast their eyes on the delivery of household items, goods, and basic necessities. Unfortunately, attendees stood disappointed as Amazon did not perform any test deliveries nor even a single flight at the festival. Photo via NBCNews Protection...
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8 Mar

Understanding the Basics of Drone Rules/Regulations

You peer out your window with eyes barely open and the sun is just rising. The morning dew is evaporating and take in the comforting scent of bold coffee gently making its way to your room. As you finish your last sip, you grab your ultra portable DJI Mavic Pro that you rented from Lumoid and get ready to step outside to capture the stunning golden hour. As you're about to step out, you realize you aren't familiar with the recent drone rules and regulations. Not to worry, Lumoid has you covered! To start off, if you are using a drone for recreation and not for commercial purposes and it weighs anywhere between 0.55-55 pounds, you must register as a drone...
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1 Sep

Heads Up Drone Fans – The FAA’s New Commercial Rules Are Now in Effect

That's right drone enthusiasts - the Federal Aviation Administration’s new rules for commercial drones, which were announced in July of this year, are now in full effect. The rules, which govern how small commercial drones must be operated, can be summarized as follows: In order to fly and shoot with your camera-enabled drone commercially, you need to pass a test for a remote pilot certificate. When you're good to go on that front, you'll still need to keep your drone within your line of sight the entire time you're flying - and that means using the naked eye. No binoculars! Unfortunately, these regulations only allow for daytime flights. However, there is a form of an exception - if your drone has...
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18 Aug

Verifly Offers On-Demand Drone Insurance for Aerial Protection

It’s not easy maintaining the friendly skies anymore, now that drones are popping up in airspace all over the world more frequently. Since most of these unmanned aerial vehicles cost a lot more than just a pretty penny, it makes since that many want to protect their goodies from any harm or foul that may befall them. Thankfully, Verifly is here to save the day – and your drone! Like any great startup, the co-founders behind Verifly, Jay Bregman and Eugene Hertz, sensed a dire market need for a service that would provide insurance for drone flights any time, any place. In today’s tech-saturated world, what better way to offer an on-demand service than by creating an app available at...
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2 Jul

FAA Releases New, More Lax Regulations for Commercial Drones

drone regulations
The day many actual and prospective drone owners have been dreading has finally arrived – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has finally released its safety rules and regulations governing the use of commercial drones. In a shocking twist, the regulations are actually very accommodating for commercial drone owners and businesses that wish to cash in on the might and power of their drones for profit. However, these regulations make something like the long-rumored Amazon drone delivery service a much more difficult feat to pull off (sorry, Amazon, looks like it’s back to the drawing board). These regulations, which take effect beginning in August, only relate to unmanned aerial vehicles that weigh less than 55 pounds – pretty much every commercial and...
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27 May

Drones Are Flying Into the Classroom

drone classes
Kids these days get everything in school. Back when I was in high school, the most advanced piece of tech I used was a graphing calculator – and don’t even ask me for what. Today, many schools nationwide are stocked to the brim with tablets and laptops to help facilitate learning. Students are even taking coding classes, a far cry from the simple keyboard class that taught me how to type 72 words per minute in middle school. Now, drones are starting to invade the classroom, giving today’s youngsters access to some truly advanced technology all in the pursuit of education. Lee Butterfield, an Anchorage high school teacher, is introducing drones into his classroom as a way of incorporating what’s happening...
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22 Jan

Lawyer Is Suing FAA Over, What Else, Drone Registration

In what might very well be destined to become a landmark legal case of our modern times, a man is suing the Federal Aviation Administration over the mandatory drone registry that went into effect this past December. John Taylor, a Maryland lawyer and drone enthusiast has filed a lawsuit against the FAA questioning the legality of such a registry, with the main argument being that this registration program for drones violates a pertinent legal clause in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act. Section 336 of the act prohibits the FAA from establishing new regulations and rules that govern modern aircrafts, and Taylor is arguing that drones would fit under that umbrella. Expecting blowback from the registry, Taylor assumed a lawsuit would...
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6 Jan

DJI’s Geofencing System Prevents You from Snooping Around Restricted Areas

Drone regulations are coming into full swing, and major manufacturers are showing their support for the controversial rulings. Recently, DJI announced a new way to help accommodate the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) views on best practices for drones. The group launched a new system called GeoSpatial Environment Online (GEO) that warns users about restricted locations, like Washington D.C. and airports. Secure facilities, such as prisons and power plants, are also included on the no-fly list. When implemented, the feature will prevent a UAV from taking off in secure spaces. Drone owners will also receive updates for temporary restricted areas like stadium events and forest fires. “DJI invented geofencing over two years ago and now continues its industry leadership by balancing enhanced...
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1 Jan

Everything You Need To Know About Drones and the FAA

Before you fly your drone, there are a few things you need to know and do, such as where you're allowing to fly, and getting your drone registered. Effective December 21, 2015, anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft of a certain weight must register with the Federal Aviation Administration's Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) registry before they fly outdoors. Here are a couple important links to get you ready to fly: FAA Drone Main Page Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration    ...
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23 Dec

FAA Opens Mandatory Drone Registration

Love drones? Don’t forget to register your UAVs before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) slaps you with hefty penalties. Starting December 21, 2015, the group requires all consumer quadcopters weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds to be officially recorded before operation. If you’re getting one during Christmas, you may need to hold off a few days until you’ve gone through the tedious registration process. According to the FAQ, there’s a tiny loophole in the system that allows you to hold off on the process until February 19, 2016. This regulation is only for people who have flown their devices before the mandatory registration date of December 21, 2015. The government site doesn’t elaborate too much on this; therefore, it sounds like...
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