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24 Sep

Avoid Overeating with These 9 Appetite Suppressing Foods

appetite suppressing foods
Overeating is a constant battle of restraint vs desire. Whether you’re binge eating an entire bag of potato chips, or find yourself shoveling candy into your mouth an hour after lunch because that salad has left your stomach feeling more vacant than a church on Monday, eating for the sake of eating or just to feel full and satisfied can often lead to trouble. After all, if we’re eating healthy and still hungry later, we’re probably more prone to grab something rich and filling, and not necessarily good for us. However, there are foods that act as natural appetite suppressants that will leave you feeling full until your next meal. Consider adding these nine foods to your meals or snack...
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28 Dec

Spy Cameras Leak the Secret Lives of Penguins

Wildlife producer John Downer and his award-winning team captured the emotional, and often mischievous, behavior of some of nature’s most dedicated parents: Emperor penguins in Antarctica, Rockhopper penguins in the Falkland Islands and Humboldt penguins in the Atacama Desert. Downer used 50 spy cameras disguised as rocks, eggs, snowballs, chicks and life-size penguins to capture this fascinating footage. Enduring blistering temperatures (-140ºF) and utter isolation, the crew filmed the BBC documentary Penguins—Spy in the Huddle over the course of 330 consecutive days. They also shattered the world record for the longest continuous shoot of Emperor penguins. The spycams “chart the tough challenges penguins face from the moment they emerge from the sea to raising their chicks and finally returning to the...
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19 Sep

M-Cuisine Collection Turns Your Microwave Into a Restaurant Kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, cooking with a microwave can be healthy. I’m not talking about the pre-made, undistinguishable stuff you get from the frozen food section at the grocery store. Preparing a meal with raw, natural ingredients and relying on the consistent cooking power of a microwave can generate very tasty results with minimal amounts of oil and sodium. Unfortunately, today’s kitchen appliances aren’t designed for microwave cooking. Individuals who are serious about using an electromagnetic machine are usually forced to create their own makeshift gear. But now, there’s a line of kitchenware that can help facilitate the underrated cooking method, called the M-Cuisine collection. Everyday Tools for the Microwave Chef Responsible for the clever appliances is Joseph Joseph, a British kitchenware company, and Yourmeus, a...
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