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14 Aug

A Short Guide On HDR Processing In Photoshop

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Dynamic range is the amount of tones available in image between pure black and pure white colors. Each time we take a photo, we use a certain exposure. Using the metering system, the camera makes sure the desired subject is properly exposed, but this often means other parts of the image are sacrificed. HDR is achieved by merging two or more differently exposed photos into one final photo with a wide dynamic range. It is a popular technique used by photographers for various purposes. The main idea is to produce an image containing more visible tonal information than a normal photo. This is especially useful when shooting scenes which contain very dark shadows and bright...
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29 Aug

4 Simple Retouching Tricks You Can Do in Photoshop

Photoshop can be a daunting platform to master, especially for the uninitiated. Still, photo editors and photographers have a wealth of potential and capability at their disposal thanks to Adobe’s photo editing dream machine. While experts can create wildly artistic creations in Photoshop from their bare bones photos, the platform excels at easy, quick and seamless editing and retouching tricks. Most of these aren’t elaborate in nature or execution, but can still go a long way from taking your photo from ordinary to extraordinary. Below are four of the easiest and most effective retouching tricks that anyone can pull off in Photoshop. Using Healing & Clone Tools on a Separate Layer: This one is as easy it comes. Check off the box...
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