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16 Feb

A Complete How To Guide For Filming with Drones

There's nothing quite like aerial shots, especially with drones. The freedom to be able to capture angles from high above, off a cliff, or in the thick of the moment is unquestionably a major draw for filmmakers. As drones become a prominent tool in photography and film, certain techniques are required to capture specific shots. We've put together tips for 5 different kinds of shots including the Fly-by, the Reveal, the Chase, the High-Pan, and the Explorer (roaming shots). The fly-by is a type of shot where the camera flies by or over a scene. In the video below starting at 0:15 seconds, you see the operator set up on top of the shot and fly over the moving subjects. The trick with...
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10 Jan

The Best Surprises of CES 2017

CES Show Floor
Creatives, dabblers, fitness junkies, and experimenters have had another field day at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you're unfamiliar, CES is a sort of technological World's Fair - just without the monolithic feats of architecture. Held in a convention center in Las Vegas, tech companies - and non-tech companies that want to do tech things - converge at CES to show the world not just a new product, but their philosophy of how people like you an me will use technology in the future. Sometimes that future is just days away. Other times it's a decade away. No matter what, CES is filled with exciting gadgets, nostalgic throwbacks, and cutting edge tech that people like you and me...
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26 Oct

50 Things You Would’ve Never Thought You’d Do With Your Drone

Every gear head has imagined all of the crazy stuff they would do if they have a drone. And while drones might seem like a novelty right now, they're only getting cheaper and easier to use - and easier to use in ways you would've never imagined. Soon, drones will be saving lives, acting as our own personal robots and stopping climate change. Don't believe me? Just check out this list of 50 ingenious uses for your drone. 1. Take a selfie. Let's start simple. Impress your friends and get a record breaking number of likes with a selfie shot from the air. That high point of view and key lighting might even make the selfie profile pic worthy. 2. Spy on your neighbors. Binoculars...
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23 Sep

GoPro Launches New Hero5 Models and Highly Anticipated Karma Drone

Action camera and drone enthusiasts, the day is finally here! GoPro has unveiled their two new camera models, the Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session, as well as their much-awaited (and first ever) drone, the Karma. Let's break down each of GoPro's latest goodies below. Hero5 Black & Hero5 Session GoPro's new camera models come with some great upgrades over their predecessors, including native waterproofing and voice control features. The Hero5 Black is designed with a 2-inch touchscreen, a sensor that takes 12-megapixel images and a handy-dandy GPS. Much like the Hero4, it shoots 4K at 30 frames per second. Another cool upside to the Hero5 is its ability to auto-upload photos and videos to your GoPro Plus account, meaning you can...
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14 Sep

The GPS-Tracking AirDog Drone Is an Action Videographer’s New BFF

Seeking the perfect drone for your next action-packed adventure? Look no further than AirDog, friends! First thing's first - unlike other commercial drones, the AirDog doesn't include a remote control. Instead, it's equipped with a waterproof AirLeash. This wristband uses GPS to let the drone know your exact location so that it's guaranteed to be trained on you at all times. Included on this controller is an LCD display letting you know the status of the drone, with additional controls to flip through the menus. Although there's no integrated camera, there's an easy mount for your GoPro or other action camera which is stabilized by a gimbal and positioned on the  nose of the drone. With fly time capabilities of 10...
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1 Sep

Heads Up Drone Fans – The FAA’s New Commercial Rules Are Now in Effect

drone feature
That's right drone enthusiasts - the Federal Aviation Administration’s new rules for commercial drones, which were announced in July of this year, are now in full effect. The rules, which govern how small commercial drones must be operated, can be summarized as follows: In order to fly and shoot with your camera-enabled drone commercially, you need to pass a test for a remote pilot certificate. When you're good to go on that front, you'll still need to keep your drone within your line of sight the entire time you're flying - and that means using the naked eye. No binoculars! Unfortunately, these regulations only allow for daytime flights. However, there is a form of an exception - if your drone has...
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29 Jun

The Future of Selfies: This Pocket-Sized Drone Levitates From Your Palm Or Voice Command

First came the selfie stick, and now the Dobby . Small enough to fit in your pocket, and about the size of your hand, this new drone by ZeroTech may be the future of capturing selfies. Toss Dobby into the air, let it levitate from your palm, pat the back of the drone, or download the Dobby smartphone app and launch the drone by voice activation. Once it’s up in the air, you can take pictures or video with the 13MP camera and 1080p video with built in stabilization features. Its battery life is about nine minutes, which is longer than its competitor the Hover Camera, but still means you’ll need to pack backup batteries. Since there are attachable blade...
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25 Apr

DJI Inspire 1 Review

In an age filled with selfies, Snapchat and Instagram, adventurists and photographers are looking for any edge they can find to capture that perfect shot or video. Up until now, photography has primarily been taken on the ground with both feet firmly planted. But who says that should stop us for reaching for the stars, or more realistically, the clouds in the sky? That’s where the DJI Inspire 1 comes into play; this drone is a photographer's, videographer's and hobbyist's dream come true. Pros The Inspire 1 is revolutionary - not only does it allow you to take 12MP stills and film in 4K, but users can also dual link two controllers so that while one person controls the drone's movement, another...
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9 Jan

CES 2016 Gave Us a Glimpse into a Wonderfully Futuristic Tomorrow

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a playground for inventors. From giants like Samsung to unknown brands being thrust into the spotlight for the first time, this trade show is massive - not to mention a technophile's dream. If it has a battery, a power cord, screen or Wi-Fi, you can bet it's welcome at CES. Despite the absence of big players like Google, Apple and Facebook, the technologies shown at CES give people a glimpse into the future - and it can be a pretty weird future. But that's okay. CES is ridiculous in all the best ways. While the most important part of CES may be backroom meetings held by executives, this year's CES proved, once again, to be utterly fascinating....
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1 Jan

Everything You Need To Know About Drones and the FAA

Before you fly your drone, there are a few things you need to know and do, such as where you're allowing to fly, and getting your drone registered. Effective December 21, 2015, anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft of a certain weight must register with the Federal Aviation Administration's Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) registry before they fly outdoors. Here are a couple important links to get you ready to fly: FAA Drone Main Page Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration    ...
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