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16 Feb

A Complete How To Guide For Filming with Drones

There's nothing quite like aerial shots, especially with drones. The freedom to be able to capture angles from high above, off a cliff, or in the thick of the moment is unquestionably a major draw for filmmakers. As drones become a prominent tool in photography and film, certain techniques are required to capture specific shots. We've put together tips for 5 different kinds of shots including the Fly-by, the Reveal, the Chase, the High-Pan, and the Explorer (roaming shots). The fly-by is a type of shot where the camera flies by or over a scene. In the video below starting at 0:15 seconds, you see the operator set up on top of the shot and fly over the moving subjects. The trick with...
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15 Feb

Heavyweight Battle of the Drones: Phantom 4 vs. Mavic Pro

Photo via
As the commercial drone market starts its long awaited boom, there has only been one clear front runner to lead the charge. The French company Parrot has struggled to produce top of the line products and American born GoPro just entered the drone scene with a major setback due to the recall of the Karma drone. That leaves us with two primary players, DJI and 3D Robotics (3DR). With strong initial funding, 3DR seemed to go round for round with DJI, but as time wore on, 3DR shifted its emphasis toward software solutions. Hence, DJI remains the only strong candidate in commercial drone hardware manufacturing. That leaves us to wonder, which of the DJI drones will continue to dominate the commercial...
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2 Feb

4 Most Popular Drone Uses For Aerial Photography

Whether you're an established photographer with years of experience or just starting out and learning the basics, aerial photography is undoubtedly in the future of the industry. The ability to capture angles and shots that were largely unachievable has made drones an incredibly popular instrument for a number of different forms of photography. Below are some of the most popular uses and the best drones with tips on how to shoot stunning aerial images. Wedding Photo & Video Production Due to the once in a lifetime singularity of wedding photography, there is a ton of pressure to get the perfect shots. Every couple wants their wedding to be special and documenting those precious moments bares a challenging task. In addition to the standard,...
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19 Jan

Top 4 Anticipated Drones of 2017

Photo via Digital Trends
It’s 2017 and drones are here to stay, whether they are soaring in the skies capturing majestic aerial shots or crashing oh so elegantly into skyscrapers. The public opinion that drones are used primarily for military deployment are slowly dwindling as the idea of using drones for photography, surveying, and agriculture are becoming vastly popular. Commercial market leaders such as DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec are all developing the latest technology to make drone flight more reliable, safe, and thoughtless for the everyday user. That being said, 2017 is a novel year for these companies to come out with revolutionary technology to take aerial photography to the next level. Here are the top four drones we are anticipating to make a huge...
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3 Oct

Behold the Brand New DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Brand spanking new on the drone scene is the latest and greatest from DJI: the Mavic Pro. Boasting improved portability and power, this foldable drone can be manipulated down to the size of a water bottle and just as easily be unfolded and take flight in under a minute flat. Let's get into the details, shall we? Not only do the arms and propellers fold nice and neat for fantastic on-the-go capabilities, DJI's Mavic Pro also incorporates a 4k front camera, a 4.3 mile distance range, visual navigation system and a 27-minute flight time. For long-range use, the Mavic Pro can be operated with a remote controller, but if you're not looking to fly it great distances, you can utilize your...
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2 Aug

Teal Is the World’s Fastest Consumer Drone on the Market

Teal drone
There are certain things that drones do very, very well. They let you live out your dreams of becoming a pseudo-pilot. They let you capture stunning aerial photography. They let you film amazing, airborne video footage. They let you bond with other enthusiasts and engage in anything from racing to death matches. In regards to racing, one of consumer drones’ shortcomings is speed. Most drones you can purchase won’t let you fly the friendly skies at breakneck speeds. Teal is looking to right this egregious oversight. Created by a Utah-based company, Teal is a lightweight, smart quadcopter that can reach speeds of up to 85 mph, making it the world’s fastest production drone. Equipped with a powerful internal computer, Teal can...
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27 Jul

DJI Launches a Much-Needed Update to Its Geo-Fencing Drone Tech

Drone pilots need to be careful of when, where and how they fly their drones, thanks to government regulations from the FAA mandating appropriate and legal drone usage. This especially rings true for novice drone pilots and owners who may not be familiar with the regulations imposed upon them and their UAVs. One of the main driving reasons for government regulation on drone flight is the risk and danger drones can pose when flying too close to what the FAA has designated “no fly zones.” These include everything from airports, prisons, nuclear power plants and the vaguely defined “national security events.” Leading drone manufacturer DJI is looking to make it easier for drone pilots to ensure their drones don’t stick...
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22 Jul

DJI’s Zenmuse Z3 Is the First Aerial Zoom Camera for Drones

Attention aerial photography and drone enthusiasts! Does DJI have a brand spanking new product to get you all giddy. The premier drone-maker has announced the impending launch of the Zenmuse Z3, their first aerial zoom camera for drones that is tailor-made for aerial still photography. With the ability to zoom in up to a whopping 7x, thanks to both a 2x digital zoom and 3.5x optical zoom, and the ability to shoot 12 megapixel photos and 4K video at 30fps, Zenmuse Z3 packs a wallop for any camera, especially one that can be equipped to a drone. The Zenmuse Z3 zoom technology was made possible thanks to recent advancements in DJI’s stabilization tech, complementing a drone’s sparse movements and magnifying...
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22 Jun

Top 3 Camera Drones You Can Buy Today

Best camera drones
There’s no arguing that drone photography is becoming a highly regarded and influential process. Drones enable photographers to capture stunning aerial footage and shots that would not be possible using any other standard photography equipment or gear. Filmmakers are flocking to drones as a cheap and relatively simple way of capturing expansive birds eye point of view shots from the sky that would normally require a helicopter to pull off. All of this is to say that, whatever your feelings are about drones, drone photography is undoubtedly here to stay. With that said, those of you out there looking to get serious about drone photography should be on the lookout for the best drones and equipment money can buy. Yes, these...
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18 May

Periscope Now Supports Live Streaming Through DJI Drones

live streaming with drones
Periscope is getting tight with drones, announcing that the live streaming app will now host and support live streams from DJI drones, taking the platform’s bird’s eye-view shtick to new heights…literally! Any DJI drone owner can now record and stream live footage and video through Periscope thanks to the app’s latest update. This integration will offer seamless toggling between a user’s smartphone or tablet camera, which will be in use to launch and broadcast through Periscope, and their DJI drone. Broadcasters can even sketch and draw on these drone live streams as well, showcasing another new feature that proves Periscope is here to stay, or at least won’t go down without swinging. Broadcasters looking to stream footage from their drone should...
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